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  1. o.O Oh god, I was checking Zach's stats and... Well the no Battery sign popped up :C. I will get another battery today, but not for another few hours ~Ross~
  2. Great... My whole music City thing is acting up. First it wouldn't let me into my first account, then it wouldn't let me make a new one ¬.¬ Though on the upside, The Nursery teacher came by and Gave Zach a toy train, and Nazotchi Came by and delivered some money from the king! Not Much has actually happened, I will continue to try to fix my account but... Don't count on it. Also, I think It would be a fun idea (If I get my new account working) to have a overall goal of having all Characters recorded on it.
  3. 7AM! I woke up at 7am for you Zach, just so you wouldn't die! God, I'm Tired! Zach: *Playing Boombox loudly* Yeah....Well... I'm REALLY Tired, I think we will go to Tamatown soon. Zach: YAY! Woo tamatown. Oh, so you hear that?! Zach: er...erm... *Turns Boombox up* Anyway, I will show his stats for the start of everyday. ~STATS~ Name:Zach 0 years old 15lb Hunger: 4/4 Happy: 4/4 Stress: 08 Tone: 124 Rythm: 90 Original: 108 Favourite Genre: Classical Character: Kuchitamatchi 1st Generation 3000G (Money) Instrument: BoomBox Toy: U.F.O Well, time for tamatown , See you all when we get back Zach: ~See ya!~ ~ Ross & Zach~
  4. Okay, Quick Little update here: Zach Fell asleep and... Zach: ZZZZzzzzZZZZZ.... AND!... He evolved into a.... little blob with a beak... Yay? or not... I think that is a bad character Ah well, Bed time for me too ~Night~ ~Ross & Zach
  5. Wow! I'm really not good at this... While playing some games Zach was sick... yay well we're off to a good start, he also Pooped on the floor and was hungry... I suspect a Gozarutchi by the end of this :3, So he is just hopping around the screen... the baby stage is quite boring, I must say ;P I will continue to play some games until he evolves, which should be in a few minutes or something. Also, If you have any suggestions or anything, just Pm me, simple as that ~Ross
  6. Well hello there everyone This is my Brand new, exciting, Daily(?) Log, I will mainly focus around my V6 music star though I may add in some more when I buy new batteries . Now I know what you are thinks: "Oh Hurr durr, Who needs another log? There are millions out there" Well Mister... I don't know why I am starting this up , I was bored and I thought it would be fun . *!Warning!* I will probably not have too many pictures, unless I get a better camera Every Tamagotchi I will be running through the duration of this log will have its own colour. Okay Lets get started! The time is:20:55 The day is:1st of June And my Username is:Ross Now for it to hatch, we play the waiting game... oh how I despise you... *Several Seconds of being Bored later* Oh thank god! You hatched! The wait is always sooooo long! So he is a boy... now what shall I call him? Should I do an alphabetical run? or...? Maybe a backwards alphabetical run? yes that should be fun So the name of our very first generation shall be... Zach (with a 'H' at the end!) Zach and all his children... and his children's children shall speak in RED! Zach: Rwed...? Oh god.. Baby talk... great Zach: Bwaby tawk? Anyway... I will play some games with him, then he will probably fall asleep considering it is almost 9pm Starting stats: Name: Zach 0 years old 5lb Gender: Boy Hunger : 4/4 Happy: 4/4 Stress: 00 Tone: 0 Rhythm: 0 Original: 0 Type of music: Classical Generation: 1 Instrument: BoomBox Toy: U.F.O Well... This should be fun.. hehe... ~Ross & Zach
  7. I must say, I agree with kajah with the Advantages and Disadvantages... But Swampert and all other ground & water Pokemon are the best in my book. They have 1 weakness which is grass (Other than dragon) and Both can be Countered with a Ice attack...
  8. Colin, I haven't spoke to you in ages :')

  9. Baby Mario and Baby Luigi look so cute.

  10. hey buddy how has life been lately? its been awhile since we seen each other online just wanna know what you been up to lately. :)

    1. mudkipchi


      Hey dude, Yeah, I have been taking a break from all these social websites... Crazy I know :3, I'm glad to see you're still on here, along with everyone else :D.

  11. I agree with violetchi, i would really like to read a log about it,
  12. I had cereal, mini wheatabix but there wasnt enough so i mixed it with tiger bar cereal... no just no it was horrid, there was no milk to drink up afterwards either
  13. ┈┏┓┈┏┓┈┈┏┓┈┏┓┈┈┏┓┈┏┓ ┏╯┃┏╯┃┈┏╯┃┏╯┃┈┏╯┃┏╯┃ ┗┓┃┗┓┃┈┗┓┃┗┓┃┈┗┓┃┗┓┃ ┈┃┃┈┃┃╭╮┃...

    1. Aquangel


      It's a..........?

    2. mudkipchi


      ohh haha you will never know :3