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  1. BurntSnow

    Diablo III

    I'm surprised no one's made a topic about this yet. It's a great game, when I have the time to play it. I just reached Act 2 of Inferno mode with a monk. My advice to new players is to start a off with a girl. When your character is a girl, you're more likely to get free items from others when you ask (it's actually happened to me a few times, believe it or not) and it shows that you don't care about your character, even if you do. That parts usually more useful when it's a player vs. player game, but I still like seeing how other players react when they see that I'm actually good.
  2. BurntSnow

    The Dictator

    Has anyone else watched it yet? I personally think it's better than Borat, and both were FAR better than Bruno. I had some huge laughs there, it's a film that literally made me roll on the floor laughing. As cruel as the jokes were, they were done tastefully and creatively.
  3. BurntSnow

    Any Respect For the Foo?

    So is anyone here into Foo Fighters? I've been a huge fan lately. I dont know why, but now more than ever I've been inclined to listen to their music. My favorite songs are Long Road To Ruin and Monkey Wrench. Dave Grohl is phenomenal- it's an incredibly slim chance to leave a mark in music with one revolutionary band but he's done it with two.
  4. BurntSnow

    Entering a Contest

    I finally made a contest entry in an attempt to win a 3ds on Youtube. I made a video, and I’d love if you went and gave it a thumbs-up. You don’t even have to watch it. If you don’t have an account, even a view counts. Here is the url- http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RMj6CDjZSzE Thank you so much. -Ro
  5. BurntSnow

    Entering a Contest

    Hello everybody. I’m entering a contest to win a 3ds and an OoT replica and stuff. When I finish making the video, can you guys please help by giving it thumbs up? I’m going to need at least 85 to even compete with the other person with the highest amount of likes. I really want to win this, so if you don’t have time to watch the whole video will you at least be able to give me a thumbs-up?
  6. BurntSnow

    My Guinea Pig

    O_O...*returns guinea pig*
  7. BurntSnow

    My Guinea Pig

    And she's gigantic because she has a dinosaur morph, right?
  8. BurntSnow


    But...football's an exception, right? (I just became captain)
  9. BurntSnow


    Thanks everyone for all the great replies.
  10. BurntSnow

    Just Ordered My Tamagotchi iD!

    I thought it only worked with Japanese and hacked phones...
  11. BurntSnow

    Just ordered V5 Celebrity Familitchi!

    Hm...*gets out dangerous weapon* Who here has a Tamagotchi Angel?
  12. BurntSnow


    I'm not. I'm just worried that others will.
  13. BurntSnow


    Hello everyone. Recently, I've started baking. Baking cupcakes, meals, about everything you can think of. But do you think others look at it as (mods, feel free to edit my post) gay for a guy to bake? It's just something to calm me down when I had a hard day at school or got a tarantula bite a few minutes before.
  14. BurntSnow

    How do your tamas feel to you?

    I treat them like living things, until I have an excuse when I'm really busy.
  15. BurntSnow

    How many Tamagotchis do you play with at once?

    One or two at a time. I have 8.