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  1. I'm bored want to roleplay on Elite 16? No one else is on

  2. HI, I am Fel and I just wanted to let you know that the odyssey is waiting for you, I am trying to remind everyone about it, oh and I made a form :i

  3. I seriously need to start role playing here again, maybe I'll get some ideas for my story along the way

    1. Aquangel


      Oh! What type of story?

    2. Peanut05


      Is it action?!

  4. i love your profile pic!!! so cute

  5. Lol xD it's weird, isn't it?

  6. Thank you XD *stares at Undertaker* owo

  7. Do YOU have a rocketship, Potter?

  8. Love ur baacckkgrrooouunndd xDDDDD

  9. Currently, I'm watching Katekyo Hitman Reborn which is awesome, my favorite so fare! Only 95 episode left to watch though I don't want it to end though after Reborn, it's onto Tiger & Bunny.
  10. My Desktop... Yeah...kinda joined the Shimeji bandwagon...
  11. I think Pikachu Needs a shave..

  12. I would join though I have a few problems such as most of my pokemon are over level 80 and I think that your Friday will be my Saturday so it also depends on time...
  13. ~Keep calm and drink tea~

  14. Status Quo - (Joey Richter) Orignal Cast of Starship
  15. If I do recall, I only remember watching Digimon, Pokemon, Blue's Clues, Time Squad and The Grim Adventures of Bill and Mandy. Out of the three, my favorite was/is Time Squad, The Grim Adventures of Billy and Mandy or Digimon but I can't really remember