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    Just a few of my fandoms are Hetalia, FMA, TFIOS, Attack on Titan, MCA, Kill la Kill, Warriors, Sgt. Frog, Squid Girl, Yotsuba&!, Ouran High school Host Club, and lots of others I can't remember at the moment! Ha, ha. I'll know once I see it and freak out.

    Some of my favorite music artists are of Lana Del Rey, Lorde, Passenger, Bastille, Skillet, and MercyMe. Actually, I just remembered I had a Mercyme CD. Where did that go?..

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    TamaGo, Tamagotchi v.3, Tamagotchi v.4.5, Tamagotchi v.7
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    TamaGo, Tamagotchi v.3, Tamagotchi v.4.5, Tamagotchi v.7
  1. Kitten+grumpy cat= a dangerous thin indeed

  2. I have a V3, after I worn-out a screw, I had to rip the inner screw upart. (Not that one screw on the outside, the littler ones on the inside.. I tried to un-debug it. It was driving me crazy!) Were can you buy big screws for the outside of a music star, and a little for a V3.
  3. Never let your cat get jeoulous of anouther cat.

  4. If I was a cat, I'd be a Balinese. SUCH FLUFFLY TAIL!!!!!!!

  5. Don't get sad, get glad-ZipBlock, Press-in-seal! :3

  6. Don't get sad, get glad-ZipBlock, Press-in-seal! :3

    1. kuromametchifan123


      lol I love that comercial!XD


      "dont get mad get glad!" XD

  7. Cupcakes are sooooooooooooo last year. Now, it is pie. :)

    1. superstar_128


      Oh? Which kind of pie? xD

    2. .:Nightpelt~Togetchi:.


      I agree with you! I LOVE PIE!

  8. Orange is the new RED

    1. gozarutchisawsome


      And red is the new ORANGE

  9. Grrr.... I got SchoolHouse Rock stuck in my head.

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    2. emma124201
    3. emma124201


      My mom thought SchoolHouse Rock was itself a song.

    4. emma124201


      I think she was thinking of JailHouse Rock


  10. Oh, OK, I got it. THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :lol :
  11. Orange is the new Red (LOL)

  12. I haven't been on here in a while..

  13. I like my v3 better, mainly because it has soft buttons. I like my 4.5 alot though. (Sorry I forgot 99.5 of your questions... ) I read the qustions again 1. Answered 2. Ultra Violetchi (I'm a violetchi fan.) 3. No, it's perfect, except it needs softer buttons. (I don't know why I think that) 4. The games are ok