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  1. Kitten+grumpy cat= a dangerous thin indeed

  2. I have a V3, after I worn-out a screw, I had to rip the inner screw upart. (Not that one screw on the outside, the littler ones on the inside.. I tried to un-debug it. It was driving me crazy!) Were can you buy big screws for the outside of a music star, and a little for a V3.
  3. Never let your cat get jeoulous of anouther cat.

  4. If I was a cat, I'd be a Balinese. SUCH FLUFFLY TAIL!!!!!!!

  5. Don't get sad, get glad-ZipBlock, Press-in-seal! :3

  6. Don't get sad, get glad-ZipBlock, Press-in-seal! :3

    1. kuromametchifan123


      lol I love that comercial!XD


      "dont get mad get glad!" XD

  7. Cupcakes are sooooooooooooo last year. Now, it is pie. :)

    1. superstar_128


      Oh? Which kind of pie? xD

    2. .:Nightpelt~Togetchi:.


      I agree with you! I LOVE PIE!

  8. Orange is the new RED

    1. gozarutchisawsome


      And red is the new ORANGE

  9. Grrr.... I got SchoolHouse Rock stuck in my head.

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    2. emma124201
    3. emma124201


      My mom thought SchoolHouse Rock was itself a song.

    4. emma124201


      I think she was thinking of JailHouse Rock


  10. Oh, OK, I got it. THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :lol :
  11. Orange is the new Red (LOL)

  12. I haven't been on here in a while..

  13. I like my v3 better, mainly because it has soft buttons. I like my 4.5 alot though. (Sorry I forgot 99.5 of your questions... ) I read the qustions again 1. Answered 2. Ultra Violetchi (I'm a violetchi fan.) 3. No, it's perfect, except it needs softer buttons. (I don't know why I think that) 4. The games are ok
  14. I got my V3 when I was 5 or 6 or 7. I don't remember much, BUT for some aparent reason I DO remember bouncing and yelling yay. After learning I could not rip the package with my fingers I turn it on. The egg bounced for what seemed like 10 years and I started crying "It's not working!" My mom said wait and I waited, and my baby came out. I threw away the instructions, though. One of my good friends later said that you could call people with it, so I'd grab my tamagotchi to my ear and start talking. I am slightly absent-minded so I'd play with it, leave for a while, and find I'd get a bad tama. I wondered why.
  15. I adore violetchi. But on my v3 when I first got it, being a 6 year old, I didn't get her. I got so upset. I had set my heart on getting her. ; )
  16. well i got the coo coo clock and i tried to play with it. it did nothing. is this normal?
  17. MY CAT IS PRETTY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!...

  18. I wonder if my cat ever plays with tamagotchis... when it beebs she looks scared and concerned. :)

  19. My New Year's resolution is to spread the joy of cats and God's Word.

  20. I GOT.... A CAT CALENDAR!!!!!!!!

  21. www.theworldofcats.wordpress.com is my blog about... CATS!!!

  22. I've stpped thinking about cats. NOW I'm thinking of KITTENS!!!

    1. PretzelNymph


      There's nothing better than kittens!!! Other than baby bunnies.

  23. You can't finish a outfit without cat hair.