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  1. With the top of my foot: xcfrbhy njudce4xzvcvgt5cddde3njkopo Wow. That is way long to be "aerbear10"...
  2. Haha okay, thanks! I thought so, but I wasn't sure. Also, I liked the game but didn't want to accidentally play it and win and end up with the same character, so that was my problem
  3. So, I just got my Melody Land P's set about a week ago. I got a boy, so I got the special boy character, but when my tamagotchi got married, it had another boy. Since I don't want to get the same character again, how do I disconnect the pierce's software from the P's? I already took the pierce out and put the heart back in, but it still shows all the items and the game Thanks to anyone who can help!
  4. err... how exactly do i dissconnect a pierce on the p's? i got the special boy char and now i have another boy and don't want to get the same character D:

    1. ichiro.malfoy


      Just take it out :)

  5. I *believe*, if your tamagotchi is an adult, you go to the park and see a pet 3 times and it will ask to come home; choose the top option
  6. YAY My P's came! :D

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    2. *Hayden*
    3. tamagirl1017


      thats awesome! i cant wait untill my gets here!

    4. phillipsebastian93


      Conggrats ur so Lucky

  7. I hope my P's didn't get lost in the mail T.T

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    2. Orandatchi


      WE ARE GOLDEN WEEK (but isn't it already over?)

    3. ichiro.malfoy


      Nope, regular business in Japan resumes Tuesday, May 7th.

    4. Orandatchi
  8. So my friend wants to use my extra tama-go. I go to put batteries in and the screw is horribly stripped! I've tried "screw extractors" and I've used rubber bands between the screw and screwdriver and neither has worked. It seems all I'm doing is stripping the screw more Please help!
  9. I would love to join, but the tama I want to use hasn't come yet. Can we please do the 5th? If my P's hasn't come then I'll just use a different tama.
  10. Today I check the mail and in place of the P's that was supposed to be here is a stupid South Carolina Living magazine >.