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  1. My tamagotchi angel just arrived in the mail from japan and its so cute :') I've wanted one for soo long

    1. Breadcrumbs


      I really want a angel, or any vintage one. Only issue is, I hate that they die, I want to keep my tamas or marry them off, lol

    2. Chrysalis-Lyn


      I recently got an angel, too. They're precious! I especially like their quick evolution cycle.

  2. I picked up a bunch of old tama accessories yesterday that I wanted to share Honestly I wish they were out of their packages because I want to use them so bad, but I can't bring myself to tear into them! I posted the pics on one of my tumblr accounts if you wanna check out my haul <3 Do any of you guys collect/have any old tama gear too? I wanna see! https://shishunki2000.tumblr.com/post/172836945609/haul-of-tamagotchi-accessories-i-picked-up
  3. ok so i put batteries in my music star and tbh it is infinitely more fun than my tamagotchi Friends :/

    1. Jhud


      That's not weird, most people hate Friends but love Music Star lol

    2. Ichitchi


      thats what ive always heard, and i think i understand why now lol

  4. omfg this guy on fb marketplace is selling So many tama accessories (lanyards, keychains, deco kits) still in their packages from like 2006 and im about to b broke

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    2. Loriloid


      Oh yeah! I saw all those,

      I misread this and thought you meant there were 5 dollar tamas so I literally just looked around the entire country on the fb marketplace for them LMAO

    3. TheYatagarasu


      Is the fb marketplace only for buying local? I decided to look into it and there was literally NOTHING Tama related for sale that popped up, and I'm in an extremely large Canadian city....

    4. Ichitchi


      @loriloid omg same i love it and i picked up all the stuff from fb today :) @theyatagarasu yes! I literally put in random cities also and see if they ship

  5. Received my TF in the mail today from Japan, I didn't know until my tama hatched and i looked at the games that it's the European version hMMmm interesting

  6. So I'm in the states but I recently got a European v Tamagotchi Friends and tried to go onto the Tamagotchi Friends Dream Town, it let me play but wouldn't let me sign in or register or anything. Is that site totally defunct? I'm completely out of the loop tbh but I know obviously the old tama DreamTown is gone and and has been for a while, but I thought maybe at least the Friends one might be up and running bc it's newer. Is that not the case?
  7. You know when you press A on the Tamatown log-in page on your v6? It only takes numbers, and i can't find any codes that work!
  8. Is being on Tamatown like pausing your Tamagotchi? I'm really eager for it to evolve, and I don't want to stunt it's growth!