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  1. Some things happened. Todd grew into a Togetchi (like his dad) and Giles became a Samuraitchi. Look at his ugly adorable stupid duck face. Todd got a job as a fashion designer and Giles got one as a baker: I don't know for sure, but I might start a V5 or V5.5 once they have babies. What do you think? Here's the family tree:
  2. The number of possible permutations is a million... That's... a lot. I think I'll reset one and leave the other.
  3. So I just remembered that I have two V6 Tamagotchis with a Dreamtchi on each... but I want to play with my V6s. What would you do? Would you reset them, even though they can't be obtained anymore?
  4. Todd and Giles grew into Hinotamatchi and Crackertchi, respectively. And they had a bath... Todd has 31/81/21 skills and 10 training. Giles has 39/71/33 skills and 9 training.
  5. Yay. I'm logging again (for now).

    At best, I'll be able to do it until I start my new job.

  6. Long time no see! As I said when I started this log, I go through phases of playing with my Tamagotchis and turning them off. I didn't lie. I started up my V4 and V4.5 again a few days ago, just before Lucky and Rey left their babies. Rey left her baby first. I named him Todd. He's a Mizutamatchi with a very smug face. He'll probably become Meme. After Todd grew up, Lucky left his baby. I named him Giles, and he'll probably become Mame. Based on my analysis of the other logs on here, Hitodetchi overwhelmingly grow up Mame. There's a slight chance he'll become Meme, though. I'm only attaching the full family tree this time to catch up anyone who wants to see the full lineage. It's huge, so I'll probably avoid doing that too often in the future (maybe just every time I get an adult). EDIT: Huh. I messed up the image sizing horribly. I made them all the same width and not height. I'll be more careful next time.
  7. I'm not sure I support the message of this article. It doesn't address one of the biggest issues with children receiving pets: getting bored of them. By recommending kids take ownership of a Tamagotchi (a literal toy designed not to get boring), it feeds into the commoditization of pets, which is the very issue many kids face.
  8. Also, many of those DNA sequencing organizations claim ownership of your genetic data when you agree to their terms. That could be a security problem in the future when it comes to insurance. We're already facing personalized advertisement based on physical profiling - better safe than sorry.
  9. The Kuchipatchi you have on top of your Tama-Go came with the Tama-Go. There were other characters sold separately (like the Kuchipatchi with both arms up, Ringotchi, Ichigotchi, etc.). If you put in your Kuchipatchi figure, you can go to the top-right icon. You'll be able to play a game called "Cradle" where you have to catch falling baby Tamagotchis in cradles. The shop is accessed from the fourth icon.
  10. You need to change the battery when it tells you to. How long the battery lasts depends on what brand it is.
  11. You can pause with A+B (like other Connection Tamagotchis). The top-right button lets you access the character games/shops (you have a Kuchipatchi installed on top of your Tama Go). If I recall correctly, the Kuchipatchi with only one arm up is the one that came with the Tama Go (as opposed to the sold-separately one). If you can play "Cradle" when you plug it in and select the top-right option, this is the case.
  12. I have two things to say: 1. Same-sex couples in the Sims 4 can't Try For Baby without mods or flipping the sex settings of one of the Sims to the opposite. 2. I'd just prefer they remove genders from Tamagotchis entirely and make them all able to "spawn" eggs upon meeting a partner (or maybe even alone if they never mate). They are aliens. They don't need to work like earth creatures do, and it's rather implausible that they do.