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  1. I got a tamagotchi on, but I might regret that purchase. It's so quiet and the buttons are unresponsive.

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    2. ~SkrillexGotchi~


      Ah okay, so Canada got theirs a bit early, the US is still waiting, but it's gonna be worth the wait qwq My apologies, Graficks.

    3. graficks


      It’s all good! I can’t wait for the ON to launch in the US. The good thing about waiting until later this month is that the official app will be ready which will allow us to explore this version to its fullest. Until then, it’s a fairly siloed experience which can be both nostalgic and kind of boring lol! 

    4. ~SkrillexGotchi~


      I'm literally hyped, and I don't have anything to use the app with, and I dunno if my computer can do it lol

  2. Yay. I'm logging again (for now).

    At best, I'll be able to do it until I start my new job.

  3. How early is too early for me to start celebrating Halloween?

    1. Mimi104


      it's never too early

  4. Why am I like this?

  5. Holy spam, Batman.

    1. Nazotchi25


      I would like it if the spam at least made sense.

      Just a bunch of garble

    2. Berryitchi


      BATMANNNNNNNNNNNNNN!!!!!! *slams against a door for no reason xD*

    3. kuchikid



      I think it was an advertisement, but I don't speak Qwertyseizure.

  6. My V4 has the ball glitch... :(

  7. My Tamagotchi V5 reset itself for some reason after I worked so hard to get 100% bonding...

    1. tamaboy20


      oh that sucks


    2. Tama4star


      That's so sad!!!

  8. My Tamagotchi Mini, Digit, died at the age of 14.

  9. Bill sure looks... interesting on the Tamagotchi Mini.

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    2. Hood-P


      The sprites look.. kinda crammed on the mini's screen... I can only imagine what some of the newer generations would look like on a screen like this..

    3. kuchikid



      Probably like black rectangles that occasionally move.

    4. Hood-P