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  1. Reality and Fantasy by Raphael Gualazzi. I feel in love with him thanks to Eurovision and now I'm constantly listening to different songs of his.
  2. Nanananananananananananananana... Loljk my heart belongs to Captain America.

  3. ... Best username ever.

  4. ikr i havent regularly posted in quite awhile

  5. i no mannnnnn sux

  6. i havent talked to you in months :D

  7. I've had a few of them, actually. One time in my dream I was at a haunted house or something and me and a few people were trapped in a room where we were pressed against the door trying to keep monsters out. But then I was like "hold on... this is a dream. Forget this, I want a chainsaw." And bam, I had a chainsaw. But I woke up before I got to slaughter monsters. Another time in a dream I remembered that people said you can't read something when you dream... In my dream I picked up posters and books and was like "pfffft, I can read in dreams. Whoever said that was an idiot." And then I woke up.
  8. ... Legally Blonde. I hate that movie with a passion. I can't help it- its so annoying.
  9. The Twilight Zone, looking up random trivia, soup, Black Ops (even though I still need to buy my own copy), Hetalia, Blistex, reading old school books, Eddie Izzard, vitamins, history, memes, showering, and youtube. A weird collection all together when you look at it, but hey. Whatever.
  10. I've got to say that the fanbase is massive and made up of the most surprising people. I myself am not a Brony but if I get bored I'll watch the show. People make the most epic fan vids, I'll say that. And I love Derpy Hooves ♥
  11. I'm currently rereading Don Quixote by Miguel de Cervantes. Its extremely old and I think it was written during the Renaissance. Its a really good book though and the sarcasm and humor is excellent for something so old school.
  12. What fighting games do you like the best? I'm a massive Tekken and Mortal Kombat fan. I've never really been a fan of Street Fighter and Soul Calibur gets boring after a while. Dead of Alive was a part of my childhood, but Tekken will forever be my favorite.
  13. "Taste knowledge, you illiterate douche bag!" - Cr1TiKaL (he reviews games in the most bamf ways possible) "Hitler never played risk as a child." - Eddie Izzard (Comedian) "Our time together has been very special, be sure to lock your doors at night." -Germany from Hetalia "And when he woke up, his skeleton was missing and the doctor was never heard from again. That is how I lost my medical license." -Medic from Team Fortress. "I AM ERROR." -From some Legend of Zelda game. "All your base are belong to us." -Old videogame. "LEEROY JEEEEEENKINS." - Guy playing World of Warcraft