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  1. Well, I don't like it because I outgrew Tamagotchi's long before I came here. I'm mainly here because Bored Like Me/NonTT died, and I really don't feel like finding a new forum site. The chat is what I came for 80% of the time, and now that there aren't multiple rooms, I can't walk in without finding a heated debate on whether or not a Tama-Go can be debugged. If we can't have multiple rooms, I say we just go back to the old chat system. I like my orange text and talking about non-tamagotchi things.
  2. Well, if we change, I'll be thrown off for a little, whine about it for a while, get used to it, and shut up. If we don't, I'll whine about the repetition, accept it, and shut up. So... No preference
  3. Anyone play it? If so, what's your favorite color(s) to play with, or your favorite deck? Ever go to a tournament? I personally love my Green-White Aura deck, I've gone to two tournaments so far.
  4. An acoustic only version of With or Without You by U2. it is.
  5. My girlfriend lied to me. Ruined my entire day.
  6. We're still cool. I'm still disappointed though.
  7. Archangel Gabriel comes in and rains the wrath of The Almighty onto all the faithful. (Faithful is the loophole)
  8. Pikmin 2 AND Starcraft 2. And I bought those two at the same time. 2!
  9. 8/10 I'm at home by myself for the first time in 4 months, I have 2 new games to play, I'm happy.
  10. Hitmonlee. I was originally going to have an Arcanine on my LeafGreen team, but remembered Arcanine is Firered only. So I picked up Hitmonlee, and that guy is just AMAZING.