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  1. Using water-droplets to improve flower photos – DIY Site did said: This is a really simple way to make good looking flower photographs without spending hours on Photoshop or finding the perfect flower just to make your photograph stand out from the rest. Flowers have been photographed too many times before, so we need to make it more interesting, simple by adding water-droplets! Here is a link:
  2. Free online HDR photo editing without using a photoshop This is a very brand new HDR photo editing online and i did found this site and willing to share to everyone who will able to use this without using a photoshop. Here is a link about HDR tutorial to learn a easy way to upload on that site: Tutorial Here is a link to upload the pictures of HDR without using a photoshop: Yohdr Hope you will able to use this and have a enjoy using a HDR photo editing. Online Bokeh photo editor - Free I did found this online Bokeh photo editor and i am willing to share with you all. It is a pretty cool Bokeh photo editor as you should try this. Here is online Bokeh photo editor: Glitterboo "Bokeh" Hope you will enjoy and have fun using this site.
  3. This topic talking about taking a self portrait theme is: Christmas self portrait. This is will be fun to take Christmas self portrait. This is only for theme only on Christmas about taking self portrait. Please do not use other self portrait that it is not a Christmas theme. Use other topic of self portrait. Go drop your self portrait photography about Christmas only and just have fun!
  4. Christmas portrait ideas I did found this link of photography as you can save your money as you don't have to go take picture from a Pro photography. You will able learn this Christmas Photography. Here is a link of Christmas Photography: Christmas portrait ideas I am hoping you will learn this. Enjoy yourself a cup a tea to read this. You will say thanks to me finding this link for share rest of you.
  5. Low Key Portrait Lighting Tutorial This is one photography lighting that you will able to understand this and it is a easy way too. Link: How To Get Inspirational Ideas For Adding Creativity In The Pictures! Link:
  6. Free printable bounce card This is for photography and you will about to print it out to try it out: Link of show look like for printable bounce card: Look like for printable bounce card Link of printable bounce card: It is a printable link of bounce card Hope you will enjoy this website.
  7. Lighting Solutions Link: Lighting Solutions Creating Diptych Link: Creating Diptych 15 Tips for Great Candlelight Photography Link: 15 Tips for Great Candlelight Photography
  8. I did find more photography books is: Pet photography 101 - It is a great book you will learn more about taking a pet photography Link: Pet photography 101 The everything photography book: Foolproof techniques for taking sensational digital and 35mm pictures Link: The everything photography book
  9. How To Take Macro Photos with a Point and Shoot Link: How to take Macro Photos with a Point and Shoot This is for point and shoot cameras to learn how to make macro photos to make easy for you.
  10. Thumba online photo editor It is a new kind of online photo editor. They have different kinds editors in Thumba. I am going to explain one example in Thumba editor: Go to Thuma effects and then go to see the word photo effect then go see 3d glasses. It is only an example and they have more online editor effects there. Link: Test it to yourself and just have fun there.
  11. This topic talking about Photography books list to read: 7 Digital Photography Books For Beginners Link: 7 Digital Photography Books for Beginners 20 Must-Reads for Any Amateur Photographer Link: 20 Must-Read for any Amateur Photographer 50 must-read photography books Link: 50 must-read photography books
  12. How do you get good portrait lighting indoors? Link: How do you get a good portrait lighting indoors? This topic is talking about window lighting only.
  13. Catchlights photography Link: Catchlights photography There is a catchlights to use different kinds for your self portrait or use on someone. This is a cool photography to use a catchlights. Hope you will try this with a catchlights.
  14. Take better flash photos in one easy step This website is for people who have a flash unit for photography and you will see why it is one easy step to make better picture: Link: Take better flash photos in one easy step
  15. Taking Great Portrait Photos at Home The site said: Most people never try to take a portrait with a studio look because they assume that they can’t without all of the fancy studio equipment. You can! Yes, even with a point-and-shoot camera, you can take beautiful portraits. Link: Taking Great Portrait Photos at Home What you do think about this site?