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  1. Tamagotchi P's came in! ^_^

  2. 22 and I still enjoy my Tamas. I haven't gotten to play with them much this year due to school. (Nearing the end of my college career woot woot)
  3. Looking for a reasonably priced Tamagotchi Ocean.

    1. zacksims123


      1. Good luck with that.

      2. Good luck with raising it.


    2. Jaeg


      Such pessimism. lol

  4. I have an ID L and ID L 15th Anniversary. I like them both a lot. I'm actually probably one of the few people who think the lack of oldies in them are a bad thing though. I like the oldies characters. I don't think anyone has mentioned the amount of downloads currently available for the ID Ls. Here's a link. Your best bet is to find the newest "collection" of downloads because there are a lot of them (over 900 I think).
  5. Won a Morino on eBay! Super excited.

  6. Bought a Anniversary edition ID L today. :)

    1. Tinkalila


      Awesome. I got the regular iD L right after the 15th anniversary iD L was out. :o

    2. kuchipatchi.is.blue55
    3. Jaeg


      I have an iD L I got last summer too. I wanted to get a second one for awhile now and figured that since the Anniversary edition had some of the characters from my era (90s) that I just had to do it.

  7. I personally thought Giga Pets where harder to figure out. Well at least the Star Wars ones anyway since that's what I have. The R2D2 one is really different but the Rancor is basically like any other Giga Pet.
  8. Anyone ever order from yesasia.com?

    1. Show previous comments  2 more
    2. Jaeg


      With the tama I want everywhere is expensive lol

    3. Orandatchi
    4. HippyFish


      Have only ordered from CDJapan, and have checked out HLJ (hobby link japan) but never purchased anything there.

  9. Darn outbid on the Tamagotchi ID L Anniversary. Oh well that's how the hunting game goes.

    1. Show previous comments  3 more
    2. Jaeg


      I'm probably going to get it at Plamoya during the weeks the price is lower. It fluctuates a lot


    3. Orandatchi


      xD What is Plamoya even?

    4. Jaeg


      It's another Japanese merchandise site. That's where I got my first ID L. They have good prices but it's directly connected to the Japanese market so the prices change a lot

  10. Sometimes electronics can just burn out. It's a downfall of the materials we make components from. I bought a Giga pet rancor before new in the package and it would lock up once you reset it. While the chances of something dying in this way is small it does happen.
  11. I got another Rancor Giga Pet. Hopefully this one will work!

  12. Darn... my Giga Pet Rancor I just got in the mail doesn't work... that's disappointing... anyone own one they are willing to sell?

    1. Show previous comments  8 more
    2. Jaeg


      Yep. I pulled them from a Tama I was just running. They are practically new.

    3. purpurn


      you might still want to buy a pair of fresh new ones. Gigas in my experience are super finicky about batteries. Unless I use brand new ones most times, my Giga pet will run for a few hours to a day perfectly fine and then suddenly start to reset or beep continually or freak out in general... also hit the reset once you get new batteries in there.

    4. Jaeg


      Just got some new ones today with no luck.

  13. This response is really unrelated but it reminds me of where the term 'bug' came from. In the old old computer that used vacuum tubes and when it would malfunction or glitch out they had to go inside the computer and look for bugs that liked to attach themselves on the tubes and die hence the term debugging in programs... ooooo I need a life lol
  14. Ok. That's what I was starting to think.