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  1. A few days ago, I ordered a set of wave 2 Tama-Go figurines; all of them work nicely, but the Makiko and the Shimashimatchi figurines don't slide on to the Tama-Go very easily, so it can take a few times to have them register correctly. The Makiko figurine also seemed to malfunction once, and when I tried to go to the store about two-thirds of the screen was blank. Since I don't want to break or damage them while putting them on, are there any suggestions for making them go on smoother? Thanks!
  2. I have the Melody Land version, here are the puzzle pieces for the special characters: Pianitchi: ♪スマピ♪ (Smapi) (TamaDepa) メロディコヒ (Melody Coffee) (Music Cafe) ピアノハット (Piano Hat) (TamaMori) Rinkurutchi: びせいのどあめ (Music Cafe) メロディスープ (Melody Soup) (Restaurant) けんばんケーキ (Music Cafe) Taikotchi: たいこグラタン (Drum Gratin) (Restaurant) ロック♪パフェ (Rock♪Parfait) (Music Cafe) ちくおんき (Gramophone) (TamaDepa) (I don't know the translations for all of them, sorry)
  3. Just two days ago, I got my Tamagotchi P's in the mail, and I've already gotten to the second generation. I know it's possible to visit your Tama's parents of the iD L, is it also possible on the P's? Thanks~
  4. My collection: A terribly beat up v3- Yellow with stars (not sure if that's the design name). I dropped it on a flight of stairs, and then someone stepped on it. It survived that, but once it's practically unusable by now. The buttons are almost completely unresponsive. I still hold onto it because it was my very first Tama, easily from 5+ years ago. Good times... Another v3; light blue. It's in a much better condition, thankfully, but I haven't used it in a long time. v4; light green with flowers. Sliiiiiightly worn? It's fairly old, but still usable. I loved it when I first got it, since it had more features than the v3. v4.5; tiger stripes. v5; white with the house. Ah, I love the v5 a lot. I would always fret when the paint or the screen got scratched, I wanted this one to look perfect. Got it about 2-3 years ago, off Amazon. v5.5; light blue with a purple star. I got it before my v5, thinking they would be the same. I don't have anything against the v5.5, I just happen to like the v5 more. I played with it a lot when I first got it. Music Star; red with some sort of guitar? I couldn't stand it at first because the buttons were so unresponsive. I also didn't like that you had to start feeding it food that wasn't default after it turned into a teen, I could never get enough money to keep it alive. I also kept failing the pro debut. Sigh. I still like it, just... a little less than the other versions. I also have 2 Tama-Go's; one black, and one white. I got the white one when they first showed up on Amazon, it was before my local Toys'R'Us opened. I really like the graphics-- it's not color, but it's definitely something! The figures are also really nice; I've got the Chamametchi, Memetchi, Kuchipatchi, and Violetchi ones, besides the 2 default ones. Does anyone know where you can get the Shimashimatchi one (he's my favorite, but I didn't get one when they first came out)? I've seen one on Amazon, but it comes with a set of the other 5, I don't know if I want to buy all of them.
  5. Lydia is now 6 years old (I forgot to mention it? She was a Shelltchi, then a Ringotchi), so I decided to try and find a mate for her at the Date Place. Upon arrival, a Tarokotchi appeared. Err. Decided not to let them marry. Last night Allison evolved into a cute little Belltchi. She and Lydia went to the park a few times, and Lydia showed her the beach. They also enjoyed a meal of Pork and Beans together, so they were quite content. Tried out the Mametchi default figurine; it comes with the game "Coin Catch" in which coins are falling and you have to use the buttons to move your (bowl-like) container to catch them. To be honest, I was half expecting "Cradles" to show up, so this new game is a pleasant surprise! --- Went on a miniature spending spree at the Tama store, where little Allison got hot dogs, pizza, pudding, and cherries (favorite food of Belltchis, by the way). She still has 1450 points left, so I may take her to one of the stores on the figurines to get something nice. --- Gave the Date Place two more tries. First a Gozarutchi, then a Necktietchi. Not quite what I had in mind.
  6. When I was using my V4 a few years back, I grew really attached to my Shimashimatchi (favorite character now... le sigh). I even drew pictures of him and his little baby boy (I'll find them one day), I was a bit crushed when he had to leave.
  7. Mini-not-so-much-of-an-update: On the Tama-Go instructions, it says that you can select the attention symbol to "communicate" with the Tamagotchi character. That... that doesn't seem quite right...
  8. Ah, so sorry for not updating! A lot has been going on, apologies. Good news and bad news! Bad news is, my Music Star ran out of battery, and I have none left for it. Good news is, just got my new Tama-Go today, just started it up a few minutes ago! It hatched a little girl. I shall name her Allison. --- Around 7:45, she did the poo dance-thing (don't really know how to describe it). Since I have a few free days I'll try my best to watch over her, in an attempt to potty-train her. Connected with my other Tama-Go. She and Lydia went to the park together, where they played on the swing. I have a feeling they're going to be good friends. : ) --- Sorry for such a short update. There will be more in the next few days. --- Is it just me, or do the buttons of this new Tama-Go feel a little different? The default figurine too? Something about the sound it makes is a bit different from my white one.
  9. Hello, it's me, A_E! It's been a really long time since I've been on Tamatalk, and I felt like it would be nice to start a log. Tamas currently running: Tama-Go (white, Kuchipatchi) Music Star (not sure what the shell design is called?) At some point within the next week or two I'll be getting another TMGO so it's very likely that when I start it up I'll log about it too. --- OK, let's get this started! My TMGO is currently in it's third generation, and is a Hoshitchi (so cute~unf). For all intents and purposes, I think I'll name her Lydia (silly TMGO, not having a naming feature). She just evolved today, at around 10:10 (AM). She currently weighs 23 pounds (I haven't gotten to playing games yet...), her mother was a Lovelytchi, her father was a Mametchi, her grandpa was a Kuchipatchi, and her grandmother was a Pipotchi. She lives in a beach house (got it from her mother), and has 3110 points (on the poor side now, heheheh...). On my Music Star I have a Violetchi named Katya, who is married to a Dorotchi (the ghost one). They have a little son, who I will name Jeremy. She plays pop music in her band Caramel (inspired by the Swedish band, Caramell. Ever listened to Caramelldansen?), and is first in the star ranking lineup. At 10:30 the band manager came and gave her 10 million points, leaving her with a total of 22191900 points (...she is...very rich...). Tonight she will be leaving little Jeremy. Perhaps I will tinker with time a bit to watch the process. --- More updates later! Ciao~!
  10. Ah, darn. I'll probably check out my local Toys'R'Us sometime soon.
  11. Hetalia. Nothing more.

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  12. Finally back. It's been too long.

  13. I haven't actually been to my local Target (at least not the toy section) or Toys'R'Us in a long time. I was thinking about looking for another Tama-Go, but I only know for sure that they're on Amazon (and the second wave ones look a lot cheaper than the first ). Are they still available in stores at all? Sorry, I'm not at all up to date on this...
  14. I remember when I had my first Tama, a v3. One day while I was walking down a flight of stairs, I dropped it and panicked. And then somebody stepped on it. It still works, surprisingly.
  15. Might need to take me off the list~ last-minute plans, and I won't be able to join; so sorry.