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  1. I liked both chats, though on the old one it had a nice feeling and a few more options and of course the other room, but now at least we can make our own private room-like thing. I remember before many loungers trolled us in the Tamagotchi talk section. Overall, I like it, I think a good chat system is important, because, let's face it, it is one of the reasons the majoraty(sp?) of us like to come on often, to talk online with people on here. I agree with most of what you said, lois, especially the posts not being seen, though that was a bit of a problem for me before, too.
  2. Tama-Angel.

    favorite charactor

    My favourite Tamagotchi Character is ChaMametchi! She is so cute and sweet!
  3. Yes, technically, It isn't really much of a glitch, but what you do is click on the place you want to get to repeatedly and your character moves about 1mm per Mouse click, It takes patience though. I once got mine to the top of the Apartment Building in the Entrance and on the Concert Hall Building! It can take up to half an hour or more. If you go on the Concert hall, you can actually "walk" On the top of the building, It works literally anywhere, but I don't know if it works now though, because that was all before the Tama-Go towns. You can try it if you would like!
  4. Tama-Angel.

    The TamaTalk Upgrade Fundraiser

    As do I!! Admin's going to faint when he sees that we've already got enough and It isn't even half way through the month!!!!
  5. Tama-Angel.

    The TamaTalk Upgrade Fundraiser

    Mine too!!! And there are only 10 donators?!! What?
  6. I got easter eggs spelling "yaaaay" and another "yoo" And I was like "yay me"?! What? xD They also sent it to my cousin, sister and a lot of my Tamatown friends!!
  7. Tama-Angel.

    Favorite Tamatown?

    My favourite HAS to be Tamagotchi Music City!! It is so unique, don't get me wrong, I love the others too, But they're just so similar and quite limited.