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  1. Happy birthday, Evie! Hope all is well. :)

  2. Restarted Pokemon Emerald in honor of the announcement of Ruby/Sapphire remakes. :3

    1. furbitchi


      Did the same with saphire

    2. evie_00


      LOL I restarted my Sapphire, but the internal battery had run dry on it and Ruby. So I switched to Emerald once I found it. :P

  3. Egg no. 73 = Shiny Eevee! >w

  4. It says it's a banpresto prize, so that would make sense. :3
  5. I don't have one, but I believe the character is a Hashitamatchi from the vintage series. Judging by the number "6" at the bottom, it's from a series. The other keychains like it may have had other characters instead. From the back, it looks as though there were nine in the series. :3
  6. First page of a paper for my family therapy class is already done. Papers are always much less intimidating once you get started on them! xD

  7. Happy birthday! Hope you're having a great one. :)

  8. Happy birthday, Evie! Hope you have fun. ^-^

    1. evie_00


      Thank you! :3

  9. Hey - happy birthday - hope you have a great day :)

    1. evie_00


      Thanks, TamaMum!

  10. My Aikatsu and Sanrio pierces are out for delivery today, less than a day and a half after they were sorted a couple states away! My P's shouldn't be too far behind! :D

    1. Midorime


      Lucky! I want a Sanrio!

    2. ichiro.malfoy


      Sanrio is awesome... but gurrly lol

    3. TamaTamatchi


      Enjoy the pierces ;) You will have fun ^-^

  11. That awkward moment when your college classes require so many different books that you have a hard time remembering which ones are for which course. 0.o

  12. *stares at tracking for P's* ...MOVE, already! :P

    1. ichiro.malfoy
    2. evie_00


      ...I wish that worked. ;__;

  13. Both my pierces and Tamagotchi P's have shipped... Now to wait for them to get here! :D

    1. Brittygotchi
    2. furbitchi


      Congrats guys hope you enjoy

    3. Kitt


      Yay! Waiting is the hardest part! @_@ I think my P's and first pierce get here tomorrow~ <3


  14. Getting a blue Tamagotchi P's, Sanrio pierce, and Aikatsu pierce! So excited!