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  1. Restarted Pokemon Emerald in honor of the announcement of Ruby/Sapphire remakes. :3

    1. furbitchi


      Did the same with saphire

    2. evie_00


      LOL I restarted my Sapphire, but the internal battery had run dry on it and Ruby. So I switched to Emerald once I found it. :P

  2. Egg no. 73 = Shiny Eevee! >w

  3. It says it's a banpresto prize, so that would make sense. :3
  4. I don't have one, but I believe the character is a Hashitamatchi from the vintage series. Judging by the number "6" at the bottom, it's from a series. The other keychains like it may have had other characters instead. From the back, it looks as though there were nine in the series. :3
  5. First page of a paper for my family therapy class is already done. Papers are always much less intimidating once you get started on them! xD

  6. My Aikatsu and Sanrio pierces are out for delivery today, less than a day and a half after they were sorted a couple states away! My P's shouldn't be too far behind! :D

    1. Midorime


      Lucky! I want a Sanrio!

    2. ichiro.malfoy


      Sanrio is awesome... but gurrly lol

    3. TamaTamatchi


      Enjoy the pierces ;) You will have fun ^-^

  7. That awkward moment when your college classes require so many different books that you have a hard time remembering which ones are for which course. 0.o

  8. *stares at tracking for P's* ...MOVE, already! :P

    1. ichiro.malfoy
    2. evie_00


      ...I wish that worked. ;__;

  9. Both my pierces and Tamagotchi P's have shipped... Now to wait for them to get here! :D

    1. Brittygotchi
    2. furbitchi


      Congrats guys hope you enjoy

    3. Kitt


      Yay! Waiting is the hardest part! @_@ I think my P's and first pierce get here tomorrow~ <3


  10. Getting a blue Tamagotchi P's, Sanrio pierce, and Aikatsu pierce! So excited!

  11. Running my Santagotch over on TZ for the hatch. :)



      Lucky! I want one soooo bad

  12. I love writing, and for as much of it as I have done, I have never finished an original work. (Unless you count fanfiction. I have a fic about 7,000 words or so long that's finished.) I wish I could sit down and make myself write. Evie
  13. None of the adults like the sweet plum rice. It's just like on the original iD. And, I hate to break this to you, but they're not kitties for sale--they're outfits. That just the accessory store you went to. The first option is outfits, and the second is accessories. The kitties are just mannequins for the outfits. EDIT: The question it's asking is "do you want to use this item?" The answers are "YES," "NO," or "DELETE." Evie
  14. I love Homestuck. Thank you, Mew0099. I am now officially addicted.

    1. mew0099


      It's my dream to get everyone addicted to it.

      Thank you for loving it.

    2. dazzilitchigirl


      What's homestuck?

  15. I don't like the Tama-Go much. I was disappointed in it. I was somehow expecting more from it, but I don't know what, exactly. A feature I did think was pretty cute, though, was how your character ran the store when they were the same as the figurine. Evie
  16. I think I'd like to meet Navi, as well... XD I'd love to meet all the Final Fantasy characters and have a party. Evie
  17. I am loving the Mimitchi flying up and hitting the Tama Talk Tamagotchi screen! XD

    1. mew0099


      I always laugh when I see that Mimitchi. xD

  18. evie_00


    I taught myself to play piano. For a very short while in grade six, I played the flute and the oboe--and by "short while," I mean about four months or so. ; My next project is to learn violin. I think it's a very beautiful instrument. Evie
  19. I once made a list of all the Tamas that I knew did or did not beep. The ones I had on the list of those that do were the ones that pretty much always beeped, and those on the others normally didn't. This is what I had: Here's the ones that do: EnTama UraTama Hanerutchi 2 V1 V2 V3 And THESE, to my experience, do not: V6 V5 V4.5 V4 Tamagotchi Ocean [uSA] Umino Tamagotch [JPN] Tamagotchi Angel [uSA] Morino Keitai Plus Akai Keitai Plus Hanerutchi 1 Tamagotchi Plus TMGC+C Hexagontchi Tamagotchi-iD Tama-Go I call the beeping phenomenon the "Tamagotchi Heartbeep." I think it's kind of cute when you think of it as a heartbeat. <3 Evie
  20. I certainly hope your mother doesn't ever try to throw your Tamagotchis away. I agree with Mothra--that's just plain mean. Parents mean well, but throwing something of their child's away that could mean more to them than they could ever know... that's something I would never do, and I hope your mother doesn't do it, either. Five is a start. I mean, yes, indeed, the more the merrier, but that you have any at all is great, right? I remember when I only had that many and was thrilled with just that small number--proud of it, even. Just my old P2, Tamagotchi Ocean, and Tamagotchi Angel, and my new V4 and V4.5. It's quality over quantity, remember. You can have a lot of fun with just a few. I know I did. Evie
  21. Isn't that song beautiful? It makes me sad, too, but it's really pretty. It's hard to explain what it reminds me of... it's kind of abstract. It's like a music video playing in my head. It makes me think in black and white. Evie
  22. I'm wishing one of my Tamagotchis was nocturnal. -__-

    1. dangerouslypurplecow.


      Yeahh ! I totally understand. One time, I tried setting my tamagotchi at the wrong time - I was hoping he would stay up at nigh with me. Turns out he was awake when I slept -.-

    2. Mia_1042


      The ones that are sold over here, for my v4 no matter when you set it up, it goes according to the time you type it in. I feel so sad for you. You can put it on pause... :D

    3. Eternal Mametchi Fan