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    Hello. My name's Sydney. I'm fourteen years young, I have blond hair and blue eyes, I'm 63 inches short, and I wear size 8 shoes. I wear flipflops from mid-May to late September, no matter what the temperature. At all other times of the year, I wear converse or boots.

    I love gymnastics. Spotlight 2010. Woot. If you ever tell me that gymnastics is not a sport, I will eat you. Yus. I love flipping through the air. Weeeeeeeeeeeee. I'm not good at most sports that involve use of a ball. 'Tis why I like gymnastics. :D

    I like to act, but I don't want to go pro and be famous. I think fame would be annoying. Last year I did the Musical Oliver and was the Artful Dodger, and I did Charlotte's Web and was Fern.

    I love my crazy loud friends, they make my life laughable. "Don't take life to seriously, no one gets out alive."-read it somewhere and thought it was clever.

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    If you ever fell off a chair backwards, copy this into your profile.

    If you ran up a "Down" escalator, copy this into your profile.

    If you have ever fallen up the stairs, copy this into your profile.

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    If you like chocolate, copy and paste this into your profile.

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    .eliforp ruoy otni etsap dna ypoc ,sdrawkcab siht daer ot hguone trams era uoy fI

    If you dream in color, copy this into your profile.

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  1. Merry Christmas everybody! (: I got: -A laptop(parents) -Just Dance the wii game(parents) -Super Soft pajamas(parents) -New makeup(parents) -Colored Pens(my friend Charlotte) -White out tape(Charlotte again) -A wallet(my friend Francesca) -$25 gift card(my friend Allison) I'm about to go to my grandparents so more to comee. (:
  2. Like some other people here, I HAVE to eat with the small spoon or fork. I can't stand the big ones for some reason.
  3. ABC Quiz A - Apple type: Golden Delicious B - Bed size: Double C - Chore you hate: Dusting D - Dog's name: N/A E - Essential start to your day item: hmmmm... iPod F - Favorite color: Purple G - Gold or Silver: Gold H - Height: 5'3 I - Instruments you play(ed): none J - Job title: Student? K - Kid(s): nope L - Looks like: Amanda Seyfried M - Marshmallow fights: Not really N - Nicknames: Syd, Syddie, Syderz, Fabio(don't ask) O - Overnight hospital stay other than your birth: Never P - Pet Peeve: Cigarette smoke Q - Quote from a movie/video game/tv show: "Wuddup God" -Raising Hope R - Right or left handed: Right S- Siblings: 4. Anne(11), Sarah(13), Allie(16), Kaitlin(17) T - Time you wake up: 7:30 U- Underwear color: white... V - Vegetable you dislike: all of them? W - Ways you run late: Sleeping in X - X-rays you've had: Of my ankle Y - Yummy food you make: Brownies/ cookies Z - Zoo favorite: Pandas! _____________________________ FAVORITES: Food→ Pasta Drinks → Lemonade Clothing→ Sweaters Books → The Hunger Games series Music → Taylor Swift Flower→ Rose Colors → Purple Movies → Harry Potter Hobby → Gymnastics _____________________________ THIS OR THAT: coke or pepsi? neither Harry Potter or Twilight? Harry Potter comedy or horror? Comedy red or blue? Blue sun or moon? Moon orange or green? Green pink or purple? Purple taylor lautner or robert pattinson? Taylor Lautner David Archuleta or David Cook? David Cook dark chocolate or white chocolate? Dark chocolate winter or summer? Summer apples or banana's? Apples _____________________________ WOULD YOU RATHER? bungee jump or skydive? BOTH! Um, if I have to choose I guess bungee jumping. get a bad sunburn or never go in the sun again? Bad sunburn break your arm or break your leg? Arm Run outside naked or get electrocuted? Naked. On a remote deserted island where nobody is but me. Be attacked by a swarm of bees or be trapped in a lion's cage for a whole day? Bees. Get eaten by ants or by a lion? Lion. It's faster that way.
  4. Woke up. Had breakfast. Played Professor Layton and the Unwound Future. Read. Went to Francesca's to study with her, Kristen, and Allison. Ate lunch. Hung out with them some more. Walked home. Had dinner. Went online. Here I am.
  5. ^That's one of mine. I walk relatively fast, and I always have the urge to push people who walk slow. And bad grammar. Leik iz rly annoying wen u talkz leik dis.
  6. I plan out conversations in my head that I know I will never end up having. I'm sure there's tons more but I'm having a brain block right now.
  7. THANKYOUSOMUCH. I do well in school, but I've never been a good studier, and I won't be able to get away with that anymore this year, when my Bio teacher puts SAT questions on tests.
  8. Woke up. Got ready for school. Got driven to school. Had gym. Had Biology. Had French. Went to Lunch. Had Latin. Had English. Had Global History. Walked home with Charlotte. Arrived home. Ate crackers. Read. And here I am.
  9. I have the enV3. I really want the iPhone 4, but only AT&T carries it. I have an iTouch though, so I'm pretty happy right now.
  10. Probably a Harry Potter. I don't know the exact page numbers, though.