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  1. nowadays I find myself cringing at what I posted on here

  2. dude, it's been ages! D: Wuu2 lately?

    1. memetchi59


      I've kinda had new interests lately and I'm not really using my tamas :/

    2. memetchi59


      But I'm thinking of getting a tamagotchi ID because I want a tama that I can stick with and not kepping losing interest in them and then starting again.

    3. memetchi59


      I tried messaging you quite a while ago but it said that I couldn't because your inbox was full of messages :3

  3. My voice in real life is the lowest voice you've ever heard from a 12 year old. People say I sound like a 16 year old. Whereas on camera, I sound like a kid. I can't stand talking on phones. If I am on the phone, it's for extremely short periods (can't keep a convo going for longer than half a minute.)
  4. In terms of actual product quality, it definitely was a failure. It's nearly as bad as the Xbox 360. Paying for things that you shouldn't have to pay for. It's like a brick. It's so massive! However, Bandai, the con-artists they are, have made top dollar for it.
  5. I guess the long wait finally paid off. I won't be getting one, since I already have two, but it's good for the Brits and euros who don't have one yet. I'd be a bit sad if they stopped selling music stars.
  6. Shiny Meditite (first I ever saw) Shiny Growlithe (first I ever caught)
  7. Kilalatchi can basically turn into any adult male character. Since you got Mametchi, you must have taken very good care of it. Try neglecting it a bit more next generation if you want something different. He can turn into: Mametchi and Kuromametchi as Perfect Care Shimashimatchi and Kikitchi as Good Care Urutchi/Wooltchi and Kuchipatchi as Okay Care Nonopotchi and Tarakotchi as Bad Care Gozarutchi or Necktietchi as Very Bad Care I think it's random which of those you get. Generations may affect whether you get Character 1 or Character 2 in the care groups.
  8. Lucky you. I'm from King's Lynn, Norfolk, and nothing. I asked Tesco, Argos, Toys R Us and Toymaster. All negative. My friend said though, that you can get V3's and MusicStars from the Toys R Us in Norwich. Website doesn't look good either. It doesen't even exist on the Argos website.
  9. Same here. Argos for me isn't selling MusicStars now, neither is it in their catalogue or website. I hoping to get a few of those before they went extinct. They could be doing that, or maybe because of poor sales they're just forgetting about them. I hope not.
  10. I sent an email last month to Bandai UK saying they had no plans for any future releases of Tamagotchi in the UK. Sometimes, it's justL thankyou for contacting Bandai UK. We have no plans for tamagotchi releases. Though sometimes, they say about a possible TMGO release.
  11. I love MKWii too! My favourite racer is Bowser Jr Mach Bike Manual Maple Treeway I have a 2 star rank
  12. I like metal, classic rock and jazz the most. Though, I do like pieces of music dotted around the genres.
  13. That happens to me too, a lot. It can take up to a day for a profile picture to change. Either that or the picture looks stretched/glitchy.