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  1. Day 2 My Angelgotchi has evolved into Maru-ten! It’s so cute seeing him play around on screen. And I gotta say, I really am getting a better handle on the unique properties of the Angelgotchi Normally I’m more hesitant to give my Tamagotchis snacks but it’s a good thing with Angel! And it’s really cool using the sensor to scare the bat away! 🦇 Earlier today was the first time he did a good deed and I was elated! His AP went up ten points, and his good deeds bar is now half full!
  2. Update: He’s evolved!! I can’t believe he has a bigger butt than me 😂😂😂 According to Tamagotchi wikia he’s the Gyudechama. What a sweetie!
  3. So in a recent eBay search, I won a bid for an Angelgotchi, and a half hour ago it came in the mail and I opened it up! My sweet little Angelgotchi hatched and after a quick google search about how it works, how it’s different from other Tamagotchis I’ve used, and whatnot. So, as most Tamagotchis do, my lil Angel was hungry and wanted to play! It’s so cute how the “meal” is a pie! Lucky. The game really threw me for a curve. I was used to the *concept*, like of jumping over obstacles thanks to the V1, but I don’t know what happened. I was kinda struggling with it but I’m getting there! I’m excited, I’ve heard lots of good things about the Angelgotchi and I can’t wait to try myself
  4. Day 2: I woke up this morning to see that the chopsticks had come- they were gonna take away my baby!!! But they didn’t! (And I must have jinxed it because as I wrote that the chopsticks came again!) That aside a lot of the day has been fairly lowkey. I know it’s a bit more lowkey but I am getting the hang of gauging when my gudetama is getting hungry or unhappy. From my understanding from the instruction manual, he should be evolving soon! I’m excited to see what he evolves into. I’ll need to look up what the different possible adult characters are- hopefully I get a good one! I’ve been keeping a close eye on him
  5. Erimentha has the right idea. When I was younger, I was absolutely in the same scenario you're in now! [Especially since I liked a lot of the Japanese Tamas back then! ] Your dad would probably appreciate you doing chores- especially if he'll give you an allowance, you can then use that for a Tamagotchi. And, if you don't mind waiting, you might be able to use birthday money or [if you celebrate it] Christmas money from relatives. You could also offer to your neighbors to do odd jobs- petsitting/babysitting, yard work, house-sitting when they travel, shoveling the driveway, or offering some other service. This way it isn't directly your dad's money- and if money is tight for you both, it might be the best way to go.
  6. I really like "Tug-O-War"/"Bump". Similar concept for both, and fairly tried-and-true imo
  7. I've been keeping track of my family's genealogy for a while. On my mom's side of the family especially, lots of my cousins [or their wives] are getting pregnant, there have been a few weddings in recent years on both sides of my family... so I'll need to update it!
  8. Back for the first time in a while. I felt nostalgic from hearing of the Tamagotchi ON release, and decided to fire up a few old Tamagotchis!

  9. Hi! How long will I win for? Anywho, if you're reading this, I hope you have a fantastic day!
  10. So I've recently gotten the Gudetama Tamagotchi. It's a pretty clever idea- I had heard of Gudetama before and seen lots of memes with him (her? them?). Anywho. I found one on ebay, bought it, and it arrived in the mail today! Upon opening it, I was surprised to see how small it was. So different from the rest of mine- it reminded me a lot of the chibi tamagotchi. I started it up at 2:26pm- so for me, it's been going for about two hours. When it first hatched, I saw it had a bonnet! So cute! It is a lot easier than raising any other Tamagotchi I've owned. There are two options, food and game. The game is pretty easy and reminds me of the P1/P2 game where you'd have to guess which way the character would go- for this one, you guess which egg Gudetama is in. It's throwing me for a learning curve that there aren't any meters to check [hungry/happy hearts]. I've already over-fed it a lot!! It loves its soy sauce. And seeing the C-click reaction is puzzling. It says "burp burp"... what does it mean?! Well, maybe in time I'll figure out. Until then, Gudetama and I are just chilling, him being his adorable self
  11. I'm inclined to say that it still isn't a thing on Tamagotchis because- unfortunately- some folks don't think it's appropriate for children. And as a business, Bandai doesn't want to lose customers because people may think they're "being political" or "pushing an agenda" Don't get me wrong. It'd be wicked cool if they did feature that. But realistically speaking [and having experienced some homophobia myself/people saying stuff like that] it probably will not happen for a while, if ever. And as kuchikid said, that's a really good point that they're aliens. Why should we even put gender roles onto digital aliens?
  12. I will be getting one! I pre-ordered one a few days ago and am looking forward to trying it out!
  13. I do!! It was a purple V1. I had a bunch of friends who had recently gotten Tamagotchis, and I wanted one too. One day after choir rehearsal, my mum surprised me with one! The first creature I raised on there was a girl- I named her "Gina"- and grew into a Hanatchi.
  14. I usually carry mine around in my pocket, with my keys and my phone. Out of principle though, I pause it during class or work. Even the boring classes Edit/Addendum: I don't have any friends that play it and I'm still "in the closet" about playing with Tamagotchis even as an adult, because I'm a tad embarrassed to talk about it with people I know
  15. Si! My first Tamagotchi was a V1. Same device as I have right now. The creature herself was a girl I named Gina. I had no clue what I was doing, and she evolved into a Hanatchi.