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  1. omg guess wat?! even though i don't know u, u join tamatalk on my bday!!

  2. hi guys , i really need your answers quick . how can i got to change my furawatchi into majokko furawa ? or my kuchipatchi to pachisuzuru ? thank you guys for the effort of reading answering this question and if this question has been already asked before , please send me the link to the answers . thank you somuch guys ) . >'DOMO-CHAN:kawaiitchi.//
  3. finally ! opened my account but sadly , i wont last too long xD .

  4. just kidding ;pp , i only want to make you smile or laugh , thats all . ahaha ! XD . so , see you soon or talk to ya soon !

    your friend : >familitchi:DOMO CHAN :3 .

  5. but dont worry scotia , youll have your new friend , maybe more better than your friends before . so think positive and dont loose hope . smile always and PLEASE TELL THE ADMIN TO FIX THE CHATROOM SO THAT WE CAN TALK TO EACH OTHER WHILE YOUR STILL HERE AND STILL HAVE YOUR INTERNET CONNECTION . :)

  6. (continuation) if your the new comer alone . but if all the newcomer are quite numerous , then still its your advantage , so that the others wont bully you or ditch you or somethin' . if you want to start over again , moving will be the best choice so that your reputation's all cleaned up .

  7. always think positive , think of what'll be the advantages of moving house .. hmm .. those people around you , in that new place , dont have any idea of what kind of person you are and they dont even know if youve done something embarassing sofar so you can be the "center of attraction" application : if your a newcomer , people will want to know you and be friends w/ you only (wil c...

  8. thank you :] . you too , youre the one of the best online friends ever !! take care and just remeber to be happy w/ the small things you have coz it may help you feel better when your sad , specially your moving to a new place and leaving all your friends and memories in that place so far behind .

  9. you are one of the best online friends ever!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!...

  10. i so hate this day :((

    1. toys73


      why? i hate this day too :(


    2. familitchi:kawaiitchi


      i really dont know . i just dont like it !

  11. ugghh . when will be that someone will come :( ? XDD