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    My name is Chelsey! Or call me Snazzy. I am twenty years old. I love hookah, I play guitar, and I am a barista at Starbucks.
    I have been a member of TT for almost nine years. I'm a fun, outgoing girl who loves to chill and have fun!

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  1. I bought two of them! One to keep in the package, and the other to play with for old times sake. I've been looking for tamagotchis in the stores for a while and haven't been able to find them. Then out of nowhere Bandai pulls this on us lol! Best believe I took advantage. I'm gonna wait like 20 years and see how it's worth!
  2. Gimme your Snapchat names! My name is *removed - site rules* WARNING: I (sometimes) post content and use language not suitable for persons under the age of 18. Add with caution:)
  3. Imagine what is happening to the sewage system right now….

  4. No no. I disagree. If anything you're encouraged to do the opposite. Don't do it for the money! Do something you enjoy! You never want to work at a job that sucks, you spend most of your life there! And was I really that negative? I specifically remember saying more than once that I love working for this company! What I wrote is purely for entertainment purposes and is not in any way a "my job SUCKS because of the following reasons" kind of thing! You come across all kinds of life at my job and I like to poke fun at it!
  5. The most expensive price I've ever seen on a single drink is nearly ten dollars. But that was with a bunch of additional things added to it and at the largest size possible on top of it. So of course the drink IS going to be pretty pricey. A standard drink with little to no modifiers however, most it will cost you is between 6-7 dollars. Definitely off the wall STILL but I'll be shaved bald and stabbed in both eyes with a pen before I pay 14 dollars for a drink that doesn't have a decent amount of alcohol in it LOL
  6. Hello! The name's Snazzy. Five days a week I work slaving away at a hot espresso bar to bring you the highly cafinated, ridiculously over priced beverages in the most famous coffee chain in the world, Starbucks. Now you must be thinking, "WOW, she must get a lot of free coffee!!!". (Probably the number one response I get when someone first finds out where I work.) Well, you're right. I don't have to pay for drinks when I'm on the job, thirty minutes before my shift starts, and thirty minutes after my shift is over. Many people assume that we baristas just sit around eating scones and drinking coffee all day long. God if only. A day in the life of a Starbucks barista is as follows: Make drinks perfectly, as quickly as you possibly can, even if that means splattering huge globs of milk on the counter or spewing whipped cream onto your fellow barista in the midst of your ninja drink making escipade. When we're not spewing our customers with a metaphorical vomit of our famous legendary customer service, taking orders, or making drinks you'll likely see us busily cleaning EVERYTHING possible. And that's about it. Not exactly THE most exciting job in the world but the atmosohere is definitely great, your coworkers are (USUALLY) pretty cool, and you meet some pretty awesome people. Now we've come to the thing I both love and despise about my job: the customers. There really is no neutral category when it comes to the Starbucks customer. But there are a few categories that most people seem to fit into. These are only from my personal experience, but I'd say my observations are quite accurate. (Done this a while, and deal with these people all day long, sometimes multiple times a day!) Which one are you?? #1) The Newbie You've rarely, if ever, stepped foot into a Starbucks. Our drink menu might as well be in Chinese, and don't even get me started on how confused you get when we ask what size you'd like your beverage to be. But you MUST ask what the proper way to say the medium size is because, of course we won't serve you if you don't say Grande. #2) The Teenage Girl Most likely a white girl, drink of choice is a frappuccino. Every.single.time. #3) That "I'm going to make my drink as complicated and unhealthy as possible" person. These drink orders consist of x amount of pumps of multiple syrups, splendas and sweet&lows galore, nonfat or soy is usually the milk of choice, and there better be extra whipped cream and chocolate drizzle because HOLY CRAP my drink isn't already horendously fattening as it is right? Some people need to realize that eventually their drink ceaces to be coffee at some point and rather just a cup of caffeinated syrup. #4) The Hipster My kind of crowd. Usually very cool and patient. Piercings and tattoos adorne their physique in some way. Sometimes these guys fit into the complicated category but EH. They're usually awesome its okay! #5) The Snob Filthy rich, I'm-too-good-to-even-breathe-the-same-air-as-you kind of people. Usually women with giant rocks on their fingers driving their sports cars that cost more than my house. A lot of them won't even acknowledge your existence. Looking down at their rhinestone encrusted cell phones, or sometimes just staring straight ahead, not bothering to even bless your life with eye contact of any kind. "Oh you can keep the pennies." Well thanks a ton. #6) The Regular You get regulars that fit into one or more of the previously mentioned categories, but this category is for those regulars that are the awesome people you look forward to seeing every single day. They grow to be your friends, can sometimes grow as close as family. And god are there a lot of these regulars. These people are, among other things, exactly why I enjoy working for this company. It really is like being apart of a family. If you ever go to Starbucks, for the love of all that is holy and righteous, PLEASE be patient, don't pay with big bills, and for the love of GOD, use your manners that you should have been taught way early in life. Oh yeah, don't forget that tip!! Even if its just a dollar, we really do work hard and aren't paid much to do it. Even if its just a dollar. Help your fellow poor people in need of gas money!! I hope my musings have entertained you. You just may see more in the future!
  7. Hello everybody! I've missed you all!

    1. tamagotchialice


      We missed you too! :D



      Welcome back! It's cool to see you around (:

  8. happy birthday c: (omgosh i posted it a year ago too woah)

  9. This is good! You've got some interesting concepts that make reading the entire story easy, and that is very good! However there are two issues I see that I think you should work on First, you tend to write but do not elaborate. You mention many times that both characters are strange but never say why. Go into detail. What makes them so strange? Is it the way they behave? The way they look or smell? What made them this way? You only briefly mention their time in the desert. Again more details are needed here. How did the pair feel walking through the desert? Describe the sweltering heat or the dryness of their throats as they walked. Details like this add depth and character to your story. They make your writing more interesting and pleasing to read. Because your story is so absent of details it went by a little too fast for me. There really was no climax. The cats were in the desert then poof they're gone just like that. Your concepts are good and your storyline is very interesting! Add (a lot) more details and this will be awesome! I'm looking forward to reading more! -Snazzy
  10. Aside from a few unintentional typos this was great! Very well written! A little on the mysterious side seeing as I didn't know what was going on toward the ending but it was captivating all the same. Bravo!
  11. I liked your story and I feel it has lots of potential. If you really worked out some kinks this could be a real work of art. This is perhaps your biggest issue. Your grammar and sentence structure need work. You tend to use a lot of run on sentences and words that do not exist. For example, cowardness (as far as I know) is not a word. If it is in fact a word, I wouldn't reccomend using it again. It just doesn't sound good to me. Cowardice would be a better word choice in my opinion. On a smaller note, which is a pet peve of mine, your punctuation is . . . lacking. I'm sure you're aware of this already. I mean this is not a publishing site or a graded homework assignment but it is always good to practice properly. My old coach always used to say "How you practice is how you perform". Proper grammar, sentence structure, and even punctuation use make your writing presentable and professional in appearance. People will take your pieces more seriously if you present yourself professionally. Your story line was very nice. It was interesting and had me curious as to what came next. That is always your main goal in writing; to captivate your audience and leave them wanting more. However large and frequent grammar errors tend to hinder that effect. So that's something you have to work on -Snazzy<3
  12. Instagram- Best free photography app ever! And it makes your pictures look amazing and you get to follow others and see their photography, comment, and like their pictures. (Follow me- SnazzyPizazz.) TextNow- FREE unlimited text and picture messaging