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  1. Anybody have new/unopened v3 or v4 for sale? Looking to buy a new v3/v4, please message me!!

    1. Melonitchi


      No Buying/Selling/Trading is allowed on TT but there are many Facebook groups you could join that could help you


    2. TamaMum


      ^ What she said. More info about it all here:


  2. I think its a good idea as long its not over used or used on pointless awnswers
  3. It's not unfair, especially since Bandai JP has 'exclusive' color tamas which we all buy, the app is 'exclusive' to the U.S. (or North America, whatever) for now. I didn't want it at first, but it's better than clothes and besides, now I don't have to pay $20+ for a tamagotchi p1
  4. I can from michigan! Haha it must've been a mistake
  5. wow havent been on in a long time

    1. Nazotchi25


      i remember you! Welcome back!

  6. It is free (99 cents without ads) so I might as well try it... It might not be the same but it's worth trying
  7. Someone might have mentioned this before but anyway... I found this on the tamagotchi l.i.f.e. website, und FAQ: Will there be a new Tamagotchi toy in the U.S. anytime soon? Bandai, the company responsible for the sale of over 78 million Tamagotchis since its November 23, 1996 debut in Japan, considers Tamagotchi a core brand and priority. Bandai is planning an exciting re-launch of Tamagotchi product timed to fit in with a dynamic new strategy. I dont know if the 'dynamic new strategy' means the app, but it sounds interesting,,.
  8. Ok, just checked out the site and it looks like a tama! Hopefully it won cost too much, maybe even free!
  9. I don't know if I missed something or not, but how do we know the app will be an actual pet? By looking at their website, it's all about about fashion and REMEMBERING the old tamagotchis... I don't think the app will be much diferent from the website, unless I missed something.
  10. I'm getting into the christmas spirit! CLICK HERE
  11. Yes if you clicked on the rules (wich I did ) It says in order to win the grand prize you had to mail in an entry! I always click on "the rules" just to make sure. (just another one of those tricks I should say because it basicly says you can win the grand prize by just entering online) lesson to learn always read through the pointless rules to find out how to really win and what your chances are of winning.
  12. Yeah I mean the mail in entrys though. I entered alot online and ten times by sending in mail.
  13. I did. I just want to see what the competition is like!! Because in order to win the grand prize, You had to mail in a entry not just type in your first and last name on the computer.