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  1. HI, I am Fel and I just wanted to let you know that the odyssey is waiting for you, I am trying to remind everyone about it, oh and I made a form :i

  2. 4:45 PM Haven't posted in a while, but Ella has 1st place in Jazz and 10th place in Rock and Roll music. STATS: 5 years 42 LB Tone 999 Rhythm 999 Original 999 Rock and Roll Music 1G 6491850 p And CURRENTLY... Married to a Shimashimatchi. A baby boy is born. I plan to name him Elliot, after his mother. He will be a wonderful baby boy~ I'm so excited, I though Guitaritchi was going to give me money, but no, he gave my Ella a wonderful husband... I believe Guitaritchi will come to give you a husband around the ages of 4-6, so be prepared if your tamagotchi is around that age. I'm so exited about Elliot! 4:50 Decided to see what would happen if I fed them. Honestly, why is Ella not allowed to eat and only the baby and the husband get to eat? It's not fair! heehee, I'm going to try some other stuff~ When you play games, Ella played the game... But I wonder what it will look like when they take their bath XD
  3. Say hi to Ella the Mimitchi! I wanted a Memetchi, so I neglected her a few cause I was tired of Mimitchis, but surprise surprise, we get another Mimitchi. STATS: 3 years 35 pounds Tone 815 Rhythm 801 Original 884 Classical Music 502590 P (I got into pro debut on first try) And that's pretty much it for now. Oh, the band! The name of the band is... ENCORE! (The exclamation mark is part of the name) We have Jenny the Onputchi, Ella the Mimitchi and Daniel the Mametchi. Ella plays piano, and Jenny and Daniel play the guitar. I think Ella is really well behaved because she usually doesn't play without being asked to and practices every 5 minutes. She also lets me know when she needs the potty and doesn't poo on the ground anymore. Could anyone PM me and tell me why she's being so good? I don't understand.
  4. 7:09 PM : 10/30/11 Tommorow's Halloween! I'm going to but Ella the ChaMametchi (big surprise!) a bunch of Candy! Here's Ella's current stats: Girl ChaMametchi 0 years old 20 pounds Tone : 303 Rhythm : 283 Original : 402 R&B music Gen. 1, 5000 points Ella had evolved just a few minutes ago while I was playing the piano. Beep beep beep... oh, ChaMametchi, perfect care. Hopefully Ella will be a Mimitchi just like my previous tama, Danilla. Her sons were Androtchis. 7:29 PM : Ella takes a bath. 8:29 : Ella goes to sleep!
  5. This is a log on my Music Star, it's so cute~ 6:06 PM : Baby Ella is born! She's hungry and unhappy. I feed her and get her some milk. 6:17 PM : Ella's happy hearts went down a little Gave her 2 bottles of milk, but then she pooped and got sick. Silly little Ella. 1 dose of medicine cured her and I wiped away her poopies. fed her some food. 6:23 PM : Stress : 15. and she needs some more milk. It's okay Ella. 6:33 PM : Ella goes poopie again. I give her 1 snack and 2 baby food. I let Ella play with her toy giraffe. 6:36 PM : Ella needs to go beddy-bye. 6:59 PM : Ella wakes up! 7:01 PM : Ella evolved into a Hitodetchi! 7:10 - 7:13 : Played 'Sing A song' with Ella and she now has 30 Tone. 7:13 - 7:16 : Played 'Music Noted with Ella, 12 rhythm. 7:17 - 7:21 : Played 'Music Blocks', 21 original That's it for today's log, I'll update what happened twhen I can. This can't be a daily log.
  6. August 17 It's 12 AM. Kuro's asleep. Me Dazz Dazz... what were you before you had a Destiny Girl's star? Dazz ddn't say anything. Then: Ichigotchi. Ichis are cute. Why didn't you stay like that? Dazz didn't say anything. Dazz? I don't want to talk about it! She snapped. She slapped me rudely. I'm sorry, She mumbled. It's okay, Dazz, I understand. it's a bit dark, and I can't write very well.
  7. Thanks~ Birthdays are nice.

  8. Thank you, I like birthdays. :D

  9. Happy Birthday. Enjoy your day.


  10. I know... Press F13 if you've never been trolled. That will send us flying through the air... Oh wait a second...
  11. A story inspired by Minecraft The sun makes its way down the horizon. You want to run and yell, "WAIT! Where are you going?" and pursue it. Just like your life will be soon. Your diamond armor is about to give in. Just like you... You have no choice but to step outside and fight the monsters. You know they are alone in the world. Just like you. After a long, hard, fighting, the monsters burn to their death and leave their remains behind. You pick up some bones. Suddenly, the sound of barking fills your ears. You feed him some bones, and soon, his eyes relax from the tense face they were before, and his eyes start to shine. He follows you. You know he will never be alone again. Just like you! Night falls again, and your faithful friend starts to growl. You slash with all your might, and your trusty wolf starts to whimpher. The monsters surround you. Just like death. Your wolf looks at you with eyes that beg you to leave. You have no choice. You run home and look behind you, as the monsters slay the poor puppy. He gives one last whimpher, and he is gone. And you are alone, once more in the world, never again to met a friend just like him. -- 1 month later -- A man and a wolf have been found lying on the ground, dead. The wolf seems to have suffered from major creeper explosions, and has deep arrow wounds and spider venom. The human seems to have died from sadness, as he is not injured in any way. However, tears of blood seem to have fallen from his eyes. He is the normal Minecraftian, brown hair, brown eyes, messy shirt and tattered jeans. R.I.P, Son of Notch Faithful Puppy
  12. ... Wait, no. It's not Kuro. It's someone else. Text message: Hi Makiko. STAY AWAY FROM ME YOU IDIOT! Huh? Anyways, why is everyone hiding? YOU! IT'S YOU! Huh? DON'T PLAY DUMB, WE ARE ALL TERRIFIED. Ah, that? No. It's not me. Anyways, they are done. Huh? This dollifying thing. Mametchi did it. Don't go blaming it on him! No, he said I was doing it so the Gotchi Police would kill me. He's jealous. ... Okay. I showed my phone to Dazz. I gave a big breath of relief. But still, what was that bang and scream? I looked out the window and saw... ^ continue it.
  13. Don't even bother. What we really need is cats. Cats will make us laugh we will forget we are in this elevator, *takes out cat*