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  1. Hey guys! It's me, tnap, and I'd like to make my first ever Group Hatch on TamaTalk. So without further ado, here are the rules of my Group Hatch: You must own one of the following Tamagotchi versions: V3/V4. You must hatch only one of each version. You must enjoy the following versions of cake: Chocolate/Vanilla. I request that you also post the name of the designs of your V3/V4. And, if you remember them, the name of each character you get. The date of the hatch is September 19, 20100. Sign-up date!
  2. Considering that the Tamagotchi Go has an incredibly long time for growing up, I think it may take some time for it to die. (Just a theory.)
  3. I've seen them, and heard of them, and wish I had one, but sadly, I don't. Have fun.
  4. I think he's talking about our future soulmates. :shrug:
  5. Yes, the Dating Channel works with oldies, but you are only suggested oldies as a mate.
  6. Music Star (V6) select the Door icon, select "PC", and when it goes to the "AWAY" TV, press B. Then, press A. It will then say "PASSWORD?" (V4) Click the "GAMES" icon, then select "PASSWORD" from the scroll-down menu.
  7. Yes, it will. Weight count is actually one of the most important factors in a growth cycle. If it is too high, your Tama will die within days.
  8. I use Opera. For my heavy-duty browsing, I found Firefox and Chrome unusable.
  9. I'm asking for a White with Kutchipatchi this Christmas. <3
  10. To continue the roll, this is the Tamagotchi button layout: ABC At least, that's how it goes on the circuit board.
  11. It's all about the popularity-if Tamas aren't popular in one area of the world, Bandai has two choices: drop the product, or lose money to keep it up. From a company's fiscal stand point, the decision is clear. But that doesn't mean it's a good decision. D:>
  12. It seems to happen when the Tamagotchi has a low battery. The programming demands it to beep, but also demands it to show the low battery sign. The end result is a long beeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeep. So don't worry-your Tamagotchi will be fine.
  13. I haven't been assigned any homework yet-they do that in the second week at my school. D:
  14. I see very, very little talk about the Tamasukus anywhere on the 'Net. Why is this? I found the Tamasuku to be one of the best Tamas I had ever played with, what with the new idea of playing, the oval design, and the six buttons.