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    Guten Tag ! Hola ! Konnichiwa ! Ciao ! <br>I'm Bubbles ! You can call me Bubbly, Bubble, Bubbles ! Anything like that.<br>I love Anime, Manga, Yaoi, Yuri, You name it !<br>Some of my favorites are Code Geass, Hetalia, Kuroshitsuji, Sukisho, Tokyo Mew Mew, Shugo Chara --- Oh and alot more. <br>Pm me if you'd like to fangirl/fanboy over something. I'll love you forever <333<br>So... <br>Badabababa ! I'm lovin' it ~<br><br>

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  1. My biggest dream is to meet Justin Bieber . Like, seriously. I really wanna ! (:
  2. Just got back fom the nurse's office. I went there to sleep !

  3. What a nice birthday present for tomorrow. Divorce /: I'm sorry your brithday sucked today, mom. Imagine what mine'll be like tomorrow...

    1. Owl


      Aw, man.. I'm really, really sorry to hear that. Divorce is so saddening. My aunt and uncle are in the process of it right now, and I thought they'd always be together.. try to hang in there, okay? Know that you can always talk to me if you need someone. Message me whenever.

    2. Hypocrite :)

      Hypocrite :)

      Ohh, thanks ! =)

      It's really nice to hear someone who's in the same situation (even though it's not a good one..) . And, I'm sorry about your aunt and uncle. It makes me sad thinking about people being in love, then just tearing apart ):

    3. Aubrey Hepburn

      Aubrey Hepburn

      Hey I feel for you. I'm 24 and helping my Mom through a divorce from my Dad, and it still affects me to see it. Hang in there, be supportive for them, and in return make sure they are staying supportive for you, and remember it probably is for the best.


    I hate you.

  5. I think I should call you Shizzy-Chan -

    Just to make you mad . ♥

  6. My dear Izayayayayaya-

    OhImean, I hate you. >:|

  7. Is your inbox clear ? =O

    I just cleared mine out, so ... Asdfsg ! Fail ; ^ ;

    Hope it workss...

  8. It won't lemme message you either ! D:

    It says you can't recieve anymore messages ! =(