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  1. laaaaalaaaalalalalala...............LAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. dude, your avatar is WIN! with the little guitar and the amp!!

  3. i dodge all cakes and use no umbrella i throw a piece of honey toast
  4. Guitars ate drumkits that made
  5. depends on how glittery! (so hit) david bowie
  6. well you can't because your so stupid and you smell weird (if i say i don't want anything you cant insult me)
  7. (i got an awesome bass guitar yesterday) out comes a sandwich that's going to eat YOU! in goes scott pilgrim
  8. dear gordon gano my i record and sell a cover of special and her television, they are my favourite violent femmes songs and i would really like to use them from my band "better enemies than friends"
  9. out come an un-lucky star in goes an awesome electric guitar
  10. out comes $100 in goes a bansho fan (google it)
  11. i think i've had at least 2 misses but still got a mamatchi if that helps
  12. 9/10 90/100 900/1000 9000/10 000 what?! it's over nine-thousaaaaaaaand!