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Status Updates posted by Killjoy

  1. moved to new account: liztopher

  2. come on, i want some snow.

  3. Ahaa, they're beast aren't they. (;

  4. aww, thank you darling. (:

  5. need a dispenser here.

    1. The Butler

      The Butler

      Totally just got the wrong idea for a second...

  6. start school next week. blagh.

  7. just got back from california for drivers training. ugh, there goes half my summer.

  8. me and finn are coming back to the role play section. officially.

    1. Beloved


      LET'S DO DIS.

    2. tamaturtle


      See you there.

  9. nice new picture (;


  11. i love to listen to soft, classical music when writing for some reason.

    1. Mia_1042


      Me too, u mean writing on paper or typing for work.. Your picture looks like a bunny, once in a Mr. Bean epsode, his face looked excatly the same in ure picture!! If its you(which i dont think so) no offense meant.

  12. of course you can. c;

  13. alright sounds good! let's go. (:

  14. well duh, of course i'll help you. what do you need done?

  15. snowing really hard outside, i love it.

  16. just promise me you’ll think of me everytime you look up in the sky and see a star.

  17. you lost the love i love the most.

  18. trying to get into the habit of role playing on here again. i miss it.

  19. no school today, hooray.

    1. kuchipatchi love

      kuchipatchi love

      No school for me either! It's a teacher strike day, HOORAY!

  20. appreciate what you have, because when it's gone. you'll be surprised of how bad you'll miss them.

  21. i bet you don't know what you want till it's gone.

  22. i don't know what it is, haha, but it's from the music video, na na na by my chemical romance.