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  1. YOUR BACKGROUND.... its soooo yummy lookin ;)


  3. Join the club. And, you don't suck, you're just average. You should read a lot and absorb all the different styles of writing until you create your own unique style. Helped me a lot, love reading.
  4. I would like to be a writer, but I'm discouraged by all the people who think they can write but don't have one original idea floating about in their heads.
  5. Lol this movie was terrible. So may unneeded action shots it was like Transformers 2 all over again. Quite a lot of plot holes but i don't feel like getting into it. I knew the film was going to fail but i went to see it anyway. In my opinion the films went downhill after GOF. David Yates is a terrible director. Columbus should have directed this one.
  6. she is so nice :)

  7. YES! have u seen this vid?

  8. and im obsessed with beyonce now fsr

  9. feeling good now that its summer ! :P

  10. ikr i havent regularly posted in quite awhile

  11. i no mannnnnn sux

  12. i havent talked to you in months :D

  13. im in 7th grade now. 6th isn't so bad compared to 7th... it is TERRIBLE. 8th grade is the best.
  14. epic trollface

  15. Even some Game Boy games have better graphics than the titles released for the 3DS. 3DS sucks. I'm sticking with my DSi.
  16. Haven't seen you in a while, Royal Ludroth.
  17. ohhhh kay, pokemon sapphire is getting on my nerves.

  18. Ryuk`

    Long time no see, lee.

  19. no i have the earbuds. I love them. i have the cotton candy design :) they are amazing sound quality for earbuds and they fit snug in my ears.

  20. I have an LOLCrush on Demi Lovato.