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  1. I have a few if you don't mind looking.
  2. I believe that this is the European packaging. The picture is blurry but it matches the packaging of these tamagotchis. Also it does make sense, since the seller does live in Germany (Europe). Hope I could help and congrats if you happen to make the purchase! Also in Europe, they are called Tamagotchi Connexion in Europe, not Connection.
  3. ahhhhh happy early birthday!!!! C8

  4. Anyone want to RolePlay in Elite 16 I'm bored.

  5. I'm bored want to roleplay on Elite 16? No one else is on

  6. Lawrence, go on my page. It has my FC on it.

  7. I'm sorry to say, but you haven't taken good care of your tamagotchi so it died. You might have forgot to feed it and it got hungry and died. Or you could have let it have illness for a long period of ttime and it passed away, or might have just been of old age. Try to feed it till the happy and hunger hearts are filled on the stats screen.(The first icon) Also if it gets sick go give it medicine.(the chest icon) So good luck with your new baby and have fun!
  8. Thanks to everyone who greeted me a Happy Birthday yesterday. Yesterday was fun!!!!

  9. happy happy happy happy happy happy happy happy (gasp) happy happy birthday, lawrence! have a GREAT day! :3

  10. Have a great birthday Lawrence!