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  1. I saw them live back in October on the 2nd law tour. It was the best night ever lol. So yay for Muse fans I love Isolated System, Unsustainable and Map of the Problematique at the moment.
  2. Exam results tomorrow = slightly panicking now and can't sleep



      that stinks hope you do well!

  3. You should start up your log again! It looked really fun (and you came to 2nd most posted log!)

  4. There's something in your eyes, a part of me that I recognize. I want to let you know, we'd be there if we could and it's alright. You taught me how to feel, it's no wonder I'd do anything.

    1. kapteeni kilppa

      kapteeni kilppa

      A7X- Lost It All ;-)

    2. VioletchiGirl


      Aw :) that's an amazing song

  5. One sushi I will never eat is ikura gunkan-maki. It just looks weird D:

    1. Show previous comments  5 more
    2. VioletchiGirl


      So does it actually taste nice, maybe I shouldn't let how it looks put me off :-/


    3. ♥Khipmunk♥


      Aren't fish eggs basically caviar? Or is that only a certain fish egg?

    4. VioletchiGirl


      Yeah I think they are the same thing, just vary in colour and shape depending on the fish


  6. I wrote 16 pages for my Chemistry homework today D: no wonder I'm tired...

    1. =^.^=
    2. kapteeni kilppa

      kapteeni kilppa

      Like I said that's amazing lol I could barely write two pages about that boring stuff. :P

  7. Unbelievably bored of physics homework D:

  8. I think they will probably get rid of the social aspect of music city. As sad as it sounds, tamatown just isn't as popular as it used to be and servers cost money to run. I think they will probably just make it a site of mini-games
  9. People who walk really slow. I mean, it sounds stupid but it really irritates me.
  10. I fall asleep around 3am but I keep waking up a lot in the night. Then wake up at 7am
  11. My teacher pretending to swim across the classroom...
  12. Feeling the stress as exams approach :/ Why did I take the most difficult A-Levels again???

    1. Midorime


      It's because you're super smart and you will do exceptionally well for yourself throughout your whole life. Don't give up! :D

    2. kapteeni kilppa
    3. TamaMum


      Because you know you can pass them and get a place at a great Uni and go on to even bigger and better things in this world! Courage!

  13. Muse - Plug In Baby (videos from when I saw them live the other week )
  14. Finishing boring Physics homework for school an listening to music