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  1. You'd swear some of these :-X members are on :-I

  2. Baby you and me we ain't nothing but mammals so let's do it like they do on the discovery channel~

    1. ChamametchiandMametchi


      Bad Touch- The Bloodhound Gang

    2. Orandatchi

  4. This seems to be an issue in Tama Gos. Usually happens when dropped. Sowwy for your loss. :< *wugs*
  5. homestuck seems cool

  6. homestuck seems cool

  7. homestuck seems cool

  8. Okay.500,000 to the Society Of Prevention Of Cruelty To Animals. then i will use the rest to kidnap savy,teri,and zach and keep them as pets. > I'm not sure about the rest.
  9. There's a wedding cake with an apple on top, some flags, the Argentina rugby team + coach, Poland's pony, Mr. Kumajiro (Canada's Bear), an Allspark fragment and a huge sign saying "Hetalia Sucks!", a sign saying "No, you do!" in the box, a sign saying, "Ninjasaurus Rex Sucks", Ninjasaurus Rex with a tutu on and a mob of Hetalia fangirls (lolwut), SugaryGoesRAWR, everyone at TamaTalk, a pony, a sign on the pony which says "Not Poland's pony" so we can tell which pony is which, Polands actual pony, a unicorn, a man face, a can of Wicked Hipster Pink paint, a kirby game, a Gilbird, dolan pls, gooby, the Rainbow Factory, Sadiq Adnan, Matthew Williams, Pinkie Pie, and a Flying Mint Bunny, a flying rainbow waffle milkshake (no need to tell me ninjasaurus is weird), Lucas Gonzalez Amorosino + Pat Lambie, Feliks Lukasiewicz, Chuck Norris, Fluttershy, and Fluttershy's shed, Fluttershy's hens,Starscream, a chocolate cake, ealla, a caev, Soundwave, a big plate of PASTAAAAA in the box, toc tix, a cupcake with a ton of fruit and cream on it, and some chocolate chip cookies, pineapples, a flammable chamametchi, Teri's fake green glasses, changelings, Katy Perry, bogs, a Nintendo 3DS, bulldog/shitzu breeds, a cat, bronies, YouTube, the internet, and another box in the box, Uranus(Whuuuutt!!), memetchi <3,Teri's whiteboard, Tom the Rock, Rainbow Dash,Edward Maya super glued to a man's face, the moon, Pat Lambie's adorably cute face and Marvel from District 1 wearing a cocktail dress, Cleverbot, Acousticbrony, pancakes, Steve Blum, a crazy person, 4chan, Vika Jigulina on Rainbow Dash, Male!Liechtenstein (DON'T EVEN FUDGING ASK!), Nyx, Vika and Edward Maya on Bowser's back, Skywarp, Mametchi riding Yoshi, Madison (Teri's Music Star) with her piano, Starscream riding a Cybertronian scooter, a random ad about learning German, sparkly rainbows, a pie-flavoured pie, a car, an adorable snail, Poison Joke, Jack Quaid, Discord, a Polar Bear-themed Coca Cola drink can, an elevator, the other Madison (Ringotchi's music star), Jeressa, a plastic bottle with just a tiny bit of the liquid of a mouldy sock that has been squeezed out and that has been in a basket which also has a shirt and a brand new hat for exactly 652 years, 3345 Months and 4332 Days in a raincloud that has been moving west since 456 BC,Tumblr, my MP3 player, Windows Media Player, Applejack,various types of cheese, a chimpanzee, TROLLZZZZ, Rayman, Globox, mashpotatoeseves, Feliks, Sora and Roxas with Baby Rayman, a sign saying "Why the fudge did Oranda put my dead tama in the box?! Signed, the Fabulous Teri", Derpy Hooves preforming a sonic rainboom, a used Snickers bar wrapper, some glitter, the entire state of California, with Dream Drop Distance version Sora with New Rayman, daler mehndi doing tunak tunak tun (don't ask why my sis wanted me to add this), EVERY TAMATALK MEMBER EVER, Aaron Smith aka ella's babu, the TARDIS, pork chops, and 1 million pies (all pie flavored with a hint of fabulous for teri), Ventus with Toddler Rayman, 1 million cans of whipped cream, Nightmare Moon, air, The Highlanders 2012 jersey, KARKAT'S UNDYING RAGE 5EVR, Teri's awesome Chinese wristband, a hanatchi ,a box inside a box inside a box (BOXCEPTION), an odd sock, the matching sock, my avvie, everyone I follow on Tumblrin the box, a piece of bread, a pikachu wearing a top hat, and a piece of paper that says "Teri is an Olympic bronze medalist in speaking", a penguin, a bottle of clear for men and Richard Kahui's dimples, a double cheese burger, Antarctica, and some penguins in the box.
  10. I am nicki minaj and iz scantily clad bi***