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  1. Hi again - and happy birthday - have a great time

  2. I'm 25 and will be getting a tamagotchi for my 26th birthday in a couple of weeks (and also one for Christmas!) You never really grow out of them
  3. So excited for Christmas!

  4. I've been taking a long break from them too - I played with my Tamas pretty consistently through my childhood and into my adult life, then when I ended up getting married, buying a house and changing career all in one go, there just didn't seem to be enough time to enjoy them properly. It's been a couple of years now, things have calmed down, and I've just spied a new 4U hiding away among the Christmas presents I'm so desparate to start my tamagotchi obsession all over again!
  5. That looks really good. The gemmed faceplate kind of adds to the bubbly-ness!
  6. It's the day before Christmas Eve and I just found a tamagotchi 4U anniversary edition hiding in the back of the linen cupboard. I wonder who that could be for! :D
  7. Hey! Long time no see! Happy birthday! Hope you have a wonderful day. :) How did the wedding planning go? Did you have the wedding yet? :D

  8. Lol mine and your avatars are like opposites of each other XD Embrace the bugs hehe
  9. ^Aww that's sweet I've never seen the egg with that pattern on before
  10. Thanks guys, I think I will do the IDL border- I'll probably want to do it some time after Christmas though, as I won't be able to stop playing with it XD Maybe I'll do it when the silvery paint starts to rub off. But I'll definately post pictures when it's done
  11. I'm loving this thread too! Graficks I am in love with your shell design! And your picture of the 15th anniversary ID L got me all excited for Christmas (I'm getting the pink one) Also OldSchoolTama keep posting loads of pictures! I love seeing them all My Tamagotchi transformed once more earlier today. He decided to grow two handsome legs XD Tongaritchi: This darling little bundle of energy will tug at your heartstrings. Still at the toddler stage, Tongaritchi will run all over the place.The garden is its favourite spot, where it loves to eat veggies- especially corn. ~The Official Tamagotchi Care Guide and Record Book
  12. I hatched mine on Saturday as planned, but didn't get a chance to upload pictures until now I hatched my red P2, and was delighted to see this little guy: I always liked the P2 baby better than the P1, just because they have one eye higher than the other Actually I have a very vague memory of having a book about Tamagotchis (probably not an official one) and it said that they are called 'Isaiah eyes', but now I'm older, I just realised that Isaiah is a name, and it sounds like 'eyes higher', so it was probably meant to be a play on words.... has anybody else heard that one before? I thought about naming him Isaiah, but instead I named him Peanut, because he was born next to a bowl of them XD I would have put him in and taken an amusing picture but had second thoughts about getting him covered in salt ^__^' I did, however, take a picture of him with my Digimon, Allen, who has since evolved into Angemon: It wasn't long before little Peanut grew tired of rolling around on the bottom of the screen and decided that the air above was the place to be. And so he transformed into Tonmarutchi: My official 'Tamagotchi Pet Care Guide and Record Book' says this of Tonamarutchi: Though still a baby, Tonmarutchi is developing a taste for some pretty grown-up foods- like nachos, liquorice, and milkshakes! Just like the first generation, this phase is extremely important. Your pet's brain is developing, and it's up to you what happens in the next phase (dream pet or dead pet). That's a lot of pressure to put on the target demographic of 3-6 year-olds! And me! I went to watch Tintin at the pictures yesterday, and when I came out, poor Peanut was dying! He's okay now, but I feel like such a bad parent T_T I'll get a bad-care character for sure!
  13. I'll be hatching tomorrow. Do we have a specific time in mind?
  14. Just a quick post this morning as it's 6:45am and I have to get ready for work ¬_¬ Today, for your amusement, we have something of a fashion show. Having made their fortune in the music business, I decided it was time that Tori and Carolyn dressed a little more like celebrities. Or at least, wore any clothes at all! I mean, I know that most female singers today are probably better at taking their clothes off on stage than actually singing, but you have to stand out to be original, right? I saw this amazing suit in the shop yesterday: ...and I thought it would be a giggle for my little Tamas to try it on. First up we have the gorgeous Tori, sporting an outfit that looks as though it ought to have died in the 90's. Apparently, retro is in. Next up is Carolyn, in a somewhat 1920's inspired ensamble: What do you think? I can't help but feel a little disappointed that the Celebrity Wear didn't keep it's weird suit look, but at least my Tamas are dressed now!