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  1. Boys v Girls. The rules are simple c: The number starts at 500. Girls have to try and reach 0 whilst boys have to try and reach 1000. First to reach their goal wins! Example: Girl: 500 Girl: 499 Girl: 498 Boy: 499 Boy: 500 Boy: 501 Okay? c: LET THE RACE BEGIN! *snips ribbon* I'll start! 500!
  2. A 320gb ps3 with Skryim and a couple other games, and just money :3 I can't wait for christmas!
  3. You should go on chat more :3

  4. You're awesome!

    Just letting you know. :3

  5. thank you! happy easter to you too, hope you had a lovely one filled with eggs and chocolate.. yum! :')

  6. Happy Easter! :D

    (\(\ ♫ ♪

    (=' :')


  7. I joined in December 2006, I went by the name of ~*~mametchi2000~*~ if any of you can remember me :L I remember some of you guys, I miss the old TT though, this one's too jazzy.. :< Atleast It's still running though.
  8. Haha I used to be like that xD But then I decided to stick with my character now, I still have odd characters but not main's. :3
  9. Ahh same :3 What level are you? Aww man D: Well, have fun mapling anyway ;'D
  10. Well, I'm just a tad obsessed with it.. hehehe. I love it, it's one of the games that I can't seem to shake the addiction off and I just keep going back to it. o-o Do any of you guys play it? I doubt I'd be able to add you since I play EMS but y'know xD Screenies/Info in-game? :3 That'd be lovely. ANYHOO, I have a blog o-o look a my siggie, yes, it really is that addictive :3 Currently.. Username: Duckified Mesos: 20,000,000ish. Level: 56 (21%) Job: Assassin Server: Kradia EMS only has 2 servers - Kradia and Demethos, so there really isn't much choice, Demethos is always a ghostland anyway. o-o <3