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  1. oh rachel, i don't think you've been on tt very much but anyway i was wondering if you did make it to kumoricon? because there were a lot of homestuck cosplayers and i didn't know. o3o

  2. confirmed moirails! heck yes.
  3. ok so double post i'm sorry! but flash update i have no words except OH MY GOD THE ART AUUAUUUUGHUGHUHGUGHUUH i want it all on my wall and also karkat<>gamzee????
  4. actually, for jade, i think she has a white shirt with blue sleeves, like dave's. that's what i've seen on a lot of cosplays and fanworks and such. her skirt is denim, i think! and mew, i haven't personally cosplayed a sea dweller - though i'm planning an imperial condescention cosplay yeah!!!!! - so i don't think i can help! i'd recommend taking a peek through the cosplay thread on the mspafora, there are a lot of amazing cosplayers there and super duper helpful people!! link link. i'd love to run into you at kumoricon if i go, though. i'm going to go ask my mom after i post this, but another problem that stands is how i'll get there, and what i do once i get there! i don't really have anyone to go with and i know no one in vancouver for my terezi cosplay, i'm stuck on if i should buy a wig or dye my hair. i heard black hair dye is really hard to get out and doesn't look very good, but it'd be cheaper than a wig, and i have an awful track record with wigs anyway! i sitll need to get a pair of red converse (not just for cosplay, i've wanted a pair since forever) and locate a good pair of her glasses, but otherwise i'm pretty much set! i guess the cane is optional, and i'm not sure how the con staff would like me carrying around a prop cane.
  5. > someone cosplaying homestuck is going to kumoricon AUUUUUGH now i really wanna go!! i'll have to ask my mom about that. mew, who are you going to be cosplaying as?? on the subject of homestuck cosplay, has anyone here done it? i attempted a nepeta cosplay at sakura-con in april but i didn't finish it so it looked dumb, and now i'm working on a terezi cosplay and an aradia cosplay
  6. now on tamatalk: drama

  7. afflictedspades


    suddenly noticing tamatalk has an art forum (much to my great excitement), i sketched this so i had something new to offer! vriska in her troll!tinkerbell outfit from homestuck. Advance or a8scond, Puuuuuuuupa.
  8. hello homestuck i am home now and looking so cool and also my wing is broken i am very excited to see an interaction between jadesprite and davesprite! the dead!vriska and john interaction is so interesting too, i'm f5ing repeatedly for updates.
  9. lol wow, i've been quite inactive here, hello guys!

  10. I got a Taurus shirt ;w;

  11. well, sakura-con was................. bluh my everything hurts

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    2. afflictedspades


      kind of! mom wouldn't let me put my makeup on at the house because i think she would have been embarrassed for me to be on the train in loltrollgrey, and then we didn't get a chance to do it at the con, and my horns broke after we registered!

    3. mew0099


      reminds me of the day i cosplayed as karkat for a school thing; my horns ripped [they were paper] and my makeup got washed off. but anyway that kinda sucks having your horns break. what were they made of?

    4. afflictedspades


      sculpty. but they were made entirely out of it so it was pretty heavy, so they fell off. :3c;

  12. sakura-con is in two days and i haven't finished my cosplay oh noooooo

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    2. Try Honesty

      Try Honesty

      owo! i want to cosplay as God Tier Aradia but it'll probably neevr happen.

    3. Try Honesty

      Try Honesty

      owo! i want to cosplay as God Tier Aradia but it'll probably neevr happen.

    4. afflictedspades


      aw! i'm sure you will be able to cosplay her someday!

  13. how long can you bros go? i got up to 8600+ i think before i accidentally refreshed the page!

  14. hi i'm posting a status at 4:13 pm. /shades

    1. afflictedspades


      CRAP IT SAYS 4:12


      my clock is fast



  15. wh-what do you mean disc 2 is missing, hussie? go find it please

    1. mew0099


      yes, and hurry.