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  1. Here are some photos of the tamas I've bought recently: I am so excited to run this one: Isn't it beautiful? And sealed! Cant wait to start logging!
  2. I am back! I will possibly create a new log. Since this is old and I've got a new set of tamas!
  3. Guess whose back after a year!?

  4. I think it's a great tama for children & for people who have jobs or school, or who want a very simple tama. I personally will not be buying the 20th anniversary...I enjoy more complex versions, Such as the connection & color. It all falls on your preference.
  5. Goodmorning! So to kick off this hatch, I will tell you a little bit about my V3, I had decided to have a name theme (Studio Ghibli, Since I love the movies as much as I love tamas) So, Around midnight (Hey, technically it is November 10th! & i am a night owl...) I popped a battery into my V3 (bonus points for my Amethyst, Clear quartz, Rose quartz & my aquamarine? lololol) ... I waited the whole minute, Crossing my fingers for a boy.....*drum rolls* My wishful thinking worked! I got a baby boy, I named him Howl! (funfact: As a child, I had a huge crush on him...Maybe I still do?) Anyway, I fed him, played the music game, which is pretty easy! But the money rewards are so low...Meh...Then, I unpaused my V4, Aiko, Who is now a toddler and kick started their relationship...Now I'm wishing I named her Sophie. They had quite some fun playing games, it was neat seeing Aiko happy! Aiko even visited Howl, Giving him a gift...of poo. I timed her out even though that doesn't help her training! That is no way to treat your new friend Aiko! I didn't get a picture, But Howl gave Aiko a gift...a flower...hmmm maybe he is crushing on Aiko? <.< Then, after the baby hour, which was easy, Howl evolved into a Mizutametchi! Sorry I couldn't get a good photo, so I will take one later! Anyway, So, after he evolved I put him to sleep I then drew a little drawing inspired by Howl: I think I may include some of my art w/ my tamas in the future! Anyways, That does it for now, I may or may not update again today! But I will be back soon~
  6. posted the official group hatch!

  7. group hatch log here: http://www.tamatalk.com/IB/topic/194785-connection-group-hatch-2017-starts-nov-10th/
  8. group hatch log here: http://www.tamatalk.com/IB/topic/194785-connection-group-hatch-2017-starts-nov-10th/
  9. Group hatch log: http://www.tamatalk.com/IB/topic/194785-connection-group-hatch-2017-starts-nov-10th/
  10. Group hatch members: somebody2love x.Optimistic cheesy-tchi miho AnniChu tamaninjacat Iza Hapihapitchi Joshagotchi &...myself ​~~~~ ​Okay! starting tomorrow anyone can post their hatch HERE. ​Rules are stated here: http://www.tamatalk.com/IB/topic/194770-group-hatch-sign-up-2017/ ​Please, DO NOT post in this log if you are not a member. Thank you! ​Anyway, Get your tamas ready for Hatching! My V3 came tonight so I am itching to hatch it in the morning!!
  11. I know! The seller just slipped the tama into a small, thinly bubble wrapped envelope. I have no idea why she didn't bubble wrap and add tissue paper for cushion. I am beyond upset. But I am getting my $23 back, so I am happy about that. I was afraid I'd have to file against her on Paypal...Anyway, Yup! I am excited. I also want the Sanrio M!x and the P's, My boyfriend is hopefully going to buy them for me on Christmas!
  12. Hello! I need some help, I bought a IDL off of Japan you want, Used. I also picked up a Palm Treo 700p to get the downloads. I know there are topics about my questions, But I still need some clarifaction, please! So, about the palm treo 700p, can I use bluetooth on my laptop to transfer the downloads to the phone? or should I use the SD card, or a USB cable? If so, what type of usb should i get? Yes, i have read the tamazone topic and youtube videos, but i would like a newer answer with a more detailed step guide...Or if there is a link you can shoot me, that is greatly detailed, go ahead and comment it. Which works best? USB cable? Bluetooth? SD card? About the IDL itself, What are some of your favorite features? I have read up on it, But i havent found much. Thank you.
  13. Good news, ​ I will be receiving a full refund. I am still upset. The seller could have packaged it better as well....In fact it was badly packaged. So it falls on both the seller and USPS! Anyway, I still have my V3 coming. I hope it will be here before my hatch. But if not I will have start late I guess...Anyway, I have some good news, I will probably unpause Aiko soon, so this log wont be on a Hiatus, I also bought an IDL along with a INFRARED phone (Palm Treo 700p) to get the downloads...I've always wanted an IDL, I found a used one on Japan you want for $38 shipped to US. It is purple & I bought a cute crocheted cover with a bow! So, I am excited for that, I am just bummed over my V2. I can rant forever about it...
  14. I have a very sad update...Sadly, my V2 came broken! So now I have to deal with getting my money (or most of it) back. I am devasted by this. I wanted a V2 badly & this happend. I know it was the post office who did this, USPS are not very good with handling items with care. Anyway, I am going to go sulk about this...