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  1. It uses AAA batteries. Mine only lasted about 3 weeks, but I was doing alot of downloading.
  2. Yes, apparently it is just your character saying something like "let's go to the park" or "let's play a game". Cute little function. I love my id l!!!
  3. My collection has grown exponentially as of late, so i figured I should post one of these. Ta-da! The kuchipatchi I made ma-self, it's knit and crocheted. I will be adding a morino and genjitch this weekend, if all goes well
  4. Here's my collection!! That's one mothra, a p2, American angel, and chibi I will (HOPEFULLY!) be adding a genjitch and a morino this weekend.
  5. I wish they would come up with an app for the iphone. Apple products are so limited, it's terribly frustrating! All they have at the moment is some tamatown game, and it's not that great
  6. Yes it is perfect care, I worked very hard mothra is the only character who lays an egg, so I am very pleased. And yes a hatch would be great, although I'll have to wait til this one dies to start over!
  7. Well I just got my adult Mothra. Now all I have to do is keep it alive indefinitely! Which will be interesting. Yes you definitely should start it up! It's one of my favorites already. Pretty low maintenance too, which is nice since I have a full time job I think I should probably log the eggs' progress (if I get it) since there is such a deficit of mothra info.
  8. I love my vintage tamagotchis. I like the fact that they are relatively simple and not super-time consuming. The characters are adorable, usually cuter than the new-style characters (there are exceptions, Sebiretchi ) Vintage tamagotchis also age slower which I prefer. For example, it took me NINE days to get the adult mothra character, as opposed to 3 days on my ID L. It feels like more of an achievement! I also admit that they are sentimental to me, I was a child of the 90s
  9. Has anyone here ever obtained one of the special characters on a mothra? I'm currently running one, and I think I'm going to get mothra, and HOPEFULLY get an egg. In the instructions it says that to obtain the special characters you have to take extra good care of mothra's egg. Is there any way of determining which one you get? I'd like Godzilla, or the fairies or is it just random?
  10. If you REALLY want a devilgotch, you're going to have to fork over quite a bit of cash. They aren't on eBay all the time either, so it's all about patience. If you think you'll get one cheap, I'm afraid you may be setting yourself up for disappointment. An as far as the ID L goes, I watched the prices for a long time before I got one. There is enough demand for them that the prices have not really gone down at all. Price is all about supply and demand, and you happen to want two pretty high demand tamas. Good luck though
  11. @memefefe wow that would be awesome right? Then we could get the coveted madonitchi (sp?) without a bazillion ID Ls!! Although that is totes cheating.. But I love it
  12. I have both, and I thoroughly enjoy them. I too was a child of the 90's, so I grew up with the old school versions. The ID L is pretty excellent, IMO. I do agree with previous posters that the more "humanoid" characters are less attractive. I like the ones that resemble pets, or aliens. That ponytchi thing is so hideous, as well as the music star guy and gal.. ew.(IMO) 'Uncanny valley' much? I do like the characters for the vintage tamas better, but they cannot compete with the newer models when it comes to features. The ID L takes the cake. Also, the vintage aren't generational, which I think is a huge plus for the connection models. I guess in the end, each has its' strengths and weaknesses. Also, to add to the comments related to japanese tamagotchis: I know ABSOLUTELY no japanese. nada. It's just really easy on the ID L, you'll remember where everything is in no time. I wouldn't consider that a reason to not get one.
  13. It doesn't look like it has a high monetary value. I would still be excited to find something like that though, especially a childhood toy. I recommend opening it up, and enjoying the nostalgia. Most people collect tamagotchis to enjoy them anyways, instead of keeping them all boxed up and perfect. Also, I have a feeling by the time you pass down your beloved toy to your progeny, the battery will have leaked or exploded and ruined the thing anyways. Just enjoy it!!