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  1. Happy Birthday :)

  2. You're right, and pink ice cream cone at the restaurant also turns your character pink! Odd that they have two pink items right next to each other in the same location... Oh, and the lemons turn your character yellow. So, we've got: Watermelon Juice = Red Pink Milkshake = Pink Pink Ice Cream = Pink Lemons = Yellow Hm. I wonder where the other colours are, or if they even exist at all.
  3. Be careful when buying older USB to IrDA dongles for use with Windows 7 or later. My old one that worked great with Windows XP just about completely bricked my Windows 8 computer and I could barely even get it into Safe Mode to delete the driver. Turns out it was recognizing the dongle as a bad extra part added to the motherboard.
  4. Hey guys! I searched the forums a bit and couldn't find any info on this one... I know where to find guides for the color-changing items on the regular M!X versions, but I haven't seen any information on these items for the 20th Anniversary version. Are there items you can feed your Tama in the Anniversary M!X to change their color?
  5. Whoa, haven't been here in a while! Just got my Anniversary M!X tho. FUN TIMES AHEAD!

    1. Hapihapitchi


      How are you liking it?


    2. Owl


      I love it! It's so much fun!

  6. Hey guys, I'm back! And with a new Tamagotchi Friends to boot. The blue one with stars is so pretty... *3*

    1. OldSchoolTama


      Welcome back! I've got the same one, and agreed! Probably one of the best designs for the TF. :)

    2. Eternal Mametchi Fan

      Eternal Mametchi Fan

      I want that shell design >w<

    3. Owl
  7. Actually I ended up trying it, and it worked wonderfully for me. Still shiny and glossy as ever!
  8. Ah, that makes sense. I've been noticing lately that the buttons on my P's have been a bit laggy/ill-responsive to quick commands as well. As long as it appears to be normal though I'm relatively okay with that.
  9. Someone help! I had a Tama Zone thread with all the Tamagotchi anime episodes listed in it with links to watch each one, and I lost it and can't find it for the life of me. DDD:

    1. MysteryMoonbeam


      I have it saved in my favorites. Here you go! :D


    2. Owl


      Aw yeah, thanks heaps! :DD I've been looking EVERYWHERE for this! *HUGS*

  10. It honestly all depends on the character for me. I keep some of them natural, but I usually try to find them an accessory that accents them in some way but still retains the natural look as much as possible. A couple of examples that I had on my iD L-E were a hibiscus flower for Memetchi or a cute heart dress and pink ribbons (instead of blue) for Lovelitchi. I like it when it's simple, but still unique. If I can't find anything that suits that criteria though, I just keep them natural.
  11. I don't recall any of mine having that, either... but I'll check them when I get home!
  12. This morning I woke up to find that I had somehow got some ice-cream from a root beer float underneath my faceplate last night. D: There was a big spot near the buttons and another one at the top of the jewels on the right side. I just about had a cow, it looked terrible. It was sticky and it had all dried in there so there was no way I was going to get it out. I have a white P's too, so that just made everything worse... My boyfriend saw how distraught I was so he tried helping me figure out a solution. We tried removing the faceplate with a flat screwdriver but that didn't pan out. Then he suggested taking it apart and actually running water through it. At first I thought he was nuts until I realized I had no other option (and that he might actually be onto something) - so I did that. I took the P's apart carefully and removed the top half of the shell (it comes off completely so that it has no attachment to any electronic parts) and ran it under water. After the water had all run underneath the faceplate, I just pressed down on it a few times with my thumb where the ice-cream spots were and the water filled in and did the rest. After the spots were gone, I just shook the shell vigorously for a few minutes to let the centrifugal force bring the water out through the holes where the buttons are, then I turned it around and did the same thing so that the rest of the water exited through the opening for the pierce. I kept doing this until it was almost completely dry. Then I put it back together and the rest of the small beads of water just evaporated on their own. For a minute there I was sure I was done for. My P's looks almost new again now, though - save for a little nick in the screen border where we tried to lift the faceplate off with the screwdriver. DDD: But honestly I can probably live with that. (On the plus side though, the whole fiasco ended up getting rid of most of the dust that was trapped under there as well - though I probably wouldn't recommend doing what I did just to get rid of the dust. This be risky business...)
  13. Anyone have a link to that Tama-Zone thread with every episode of the Tamagotchi anime in it? It appears I seem to have lost it!

    1. Nathalietchi


      I don't know if this is what you mean, but here's a topic that might interest you http://www.tamatalk.com/IB/topic/179895-tamagotchi-anime/

      You can also find a Tama Zone link to anime episodes in there.

    2. Owl


      That's kind of what I meant, but there was a specific thread with all the episodes just listed with links on where to watch them. I had it opened but I never bookmarked it and when I restarted my computer I lost it - and by the time I realized it, I couldn't find it in my history either. :< Thanks for your help, though!

  14. You took the words right out of my mouth.
  15. The box for my white one also says "Natural piece for you."