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    Hello there, I am TheElipticTensaitchi, I am just your average girl who loves to draw. Here are some things abut me
    ♪Favorite Song-Rock n Roll-Skrillex and You're gonna go far kid-The Offspring
    ♪Favorite Artist-Skrillex
    ♪Favorite Band-I have many favorites but I would never liked this kind of music if it wasn't for Fall Out Boy
    ♪Favorite Color-Pink and Lime Green
    ♪Fursona-I don't really have one but Kiokie is the closest thing to a fursona, Kiokie is a mythical Sunray Feline.
    ♪Favorite Gogos-Hayato, Pop, and Awa-Shima(wanted)
    ♪Favorite Food-Hard to choose
    ♪Best moment ever-When I told my grandma a number to play in the lottery and it came out! I got $100 that day (We got $300)
    ♪Favorite Animal-I love all animals
    ♪Favorite Tamagotchi-Tensaitchi of course

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    Tamagotchi Hexagontchi
  • Favorite Tamagotchi Character
    Tensaitchi and the jrs
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    None as of now

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  1. Wow, I forgot all about this website.

  2. Wow, What kind of person hacks a game like Tamatown. That is sad.
  3. I'm an alien gais. herpderp.

  4. ^ I JUST GOT MARRIED TO MYSELF! < Can't draw ponies if her life depended on it V Is NOT a brony
  5. Too BAd, I am having a huge party there and Tama's aren't allowed in the first place. I wish I could have a pet cat
  6. You are banned for stylizing forever in your username
  7. Too bad, I ate the last taco in the world. Go cry in a corner you sissy! I wish the guy in my avatar was real
  8. ^ THAT'S MAMA LUIGI TO YOU MARIO! < Found the pen to her tablet V :3
  9. TPAM does not know my avatar is a picture of Awa-Shima :3
  10. Granted, It works for 1 minute everyday. Sadly that minute is always when you are sleep. I wish I wished for something last time
  11. TPAM thought I was a boy lol it's ok im just kidding
  12. Yes, He was a very very horrible person. I wonder is he could possibly be secretly on here. It obviously isn't you since your name obviously says NOTCatsWithHats