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  1. The strangest thing just happened on my P's! My tama became ill, or so it seemed. Instead of a skull, there was a little ghost looking thing floating above his head. Then an ambulance came and took him to the "Tama Hospital" with the ghost following behind, and then he came out just fine. I thought he was about to die until he came out of the Hospital with a smile on his face and the happy/success jingle playing. I've never seen this before, and Google/forum search turned up no relevant results. If it matters, he's a teen (Maimaitchi) and I've been purposely taking poor care of him in order to get Atchitchi. I've been keeping only his hunger meter full and cleaning up poop/curing sickness but ignoring him otherwise.
  2. Those are called cloppers and are generally hated by everyone, including bronies. /offtopic
  3. That's not what a brony is. A brony is a teen/adult (of either gender) who enjoys the show My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic. Nothing more, nothing less.
  4. I do not have a collection per se (I only have 3 and one of them is broken, but all-in-all I've had over 20 tamas in total), however my dad was the one who suggested I start a collection. My mom seems to think I'm a bit too old for tamas, but otherwise doesn't seem to mind buying me them on occasion (birthday, Christmas, etc.) Actually, back in 5th grade or so, I'd ever so often get told by someone "Tamagotchis are for girls," and every so often I'd find someone who also had a Tama and we'd connect them. ALL of my friends had Tamagotchis, because I gave all of my friends one out of the collection I had back then.
  5. Yup! I was actually afraid I bought a Deco Pierce on accident because of the low price, and the fact that it said Deco Pierce in the description (which I stupidly read after purchasing) but the seller assured me it was a P's and sure enough, it was. I actually lost sleep due to waiting around the time of its arrival, I was really anxious and excited.
  6. Lookie what just arrived! My shiny P's that I've been waiting almost two weeks for! I got a really good deal on this. About $28 on eBay, with free shipping. And since today is the 10th, hooray Ecotown!
  7. I've been waiting for my P's for about a week or two now. It just got through customs a few days ago so I should be getting it this week, maybe tomorrow. Very excited.
  8. The iD L had an English version, but was only released in China I believe. The last American Tamagotchi release was the Tama-Go.
  9. Hey guys! Long (very long, try 2 years) time no see! Anyway, I was just wondering, is the Tamagotchi P's still fun even without another Tama to connect it to? Since that seems to be its main selling point... I bought one on Friday and it just shipped this morning. So excited! Eventually I want to get a few Deco Pierces for it and maybe an iD L. Christmas will be here in no time, so maybe those can go on my list.
  10. What is wrong with TamaCHAT?

    1. OldSchoolTama


      According to Admin's status update this morning, it appears to do with the renewal of the site's software license that occurred yesterday. Admin is currently working on getting it fixed.

  11. I have two Tama-Go's. The green one and the white one. The green one is Memetchi and the white one is Nonopotchi.
  12. I treated my Tamagotchi on my Tama-Go badly, and it evolved into an adult today. It evolved into a Memetchi! I have proven the Tama-Go growth theory wrong. Or at least, somewhat. Off topic: Also, does anyone know what's wrong with TamaCHAT?
  13. I know how second waves fix bugs and things of the sort, but who else likes the first waves better (such as myself)?
  14. I got new Tama's! I got a white Kuchipatchi Tama-Go and a green Mametchi one. I noticed some slight differences from the original models. From left to right: The DVD that came with my white Tama-Go, my green Tama-Go, my white Tama-Go. The DVD that came with my white Tama-Go. My green Tama-Go. My white Tama-Go. The clip thing at the end of the bead chain is different than the one on the original model, such as the one on my green Tama-Go. Holding my green Tama-Go, with the clock on the display. The Kuchipatchi and Mametchi lite figures. I noticed differences in these from the original models, too. These figures a significantly larger, and the Kuchipatchi figurine is no longer glossy. Holding the Kuchipatchi figurine. Holding the Mametchi figurine. The Mametchi figure attached to the green Tama-Go. The menu of the DVD that came with the white Tama-Go, which includes all the episodes of the Tama anime, Let's Go! Tamagotchi. Dubbed in English, of course. I reached the limit of photos, so to see the next, just click the links. The beginning sequence of all episodes. An episode being played. I highly recommend this Tama, as long and you don't mind a few scratches (this Tama scratches easily) or bulky Tama's.
  15. I just got it today and it's already freaking broken!!! Waste of my money and waste of my life. I'm not getting another Tama in a while.