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    Hai, I'm YellowTamagotchi and of course my interest is Tamagotchi. I also like yellow, which is my favorite color.

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  1. Just came to visit~ I still have my Tama's but I don't play with them. I'm mostly on "Anime Forum" [AF] by the name is xKawaiiOtaku. c:

    1. Amat Gotchi

      Amat Gotchi

      Hope you enjoy your time here!

  2. CAN SOMEONE MAKE A VOCALOID TEMPLATE? I'll love you forever c:
  3. I had to reset my music star because i spelled the band's name wrong x3

    1. xavplusplus
    2. ayan300


      xD, what did you spell?

    3. YellowTamagotchi


      i meant to spell "Vocaloid" but instead i spelt "vocaloic"

  4. I was looking back on my memories, and i remembered when I lost my Tamagotchi while riding a rollercoaster. Lul

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    2. PixieTama123


      I remember this video where this person lost his glasses on a rollercoaster. xD

    3. YellowTamagotchi
    4. YellowTamagotchi
  5. If you read on the packaging on the Tamagotchi (well im reading the music start packaging) it says "8+". it doesnt say "8-14" or anything like that. But you can never give up anything that makes you happy
  6. Lol, I did that too. I always wanted to see how it looked when it died. But then, it would give me nightmares...
  7. Sorry if this is in the wrong section, but I need tips on how to take my Tama-Go to school. Since the Tamagotchi is really huge, its impossible to fit in my pocket, and if I put it in my book-bag, it'll get crushed by my heavy textbooks. And What should I do with the figurines?
  8. In 3rd grade I got my first v3. I never bothered reading the instructions, and always reset it when it became an adult. I would get happy when it got married, and I literally cried when it passed away.
  9. I came back to Tamagotchis a Year and a Half later since I quit. Say thanks to a dream I had :3

  10. NYAN NYAN- VOCALOID (THE BEST!) Sorry. I'm in love with Vocaloid. ^.^
  11. My highest Nyan Cat score was 2 minutes. I never get annoyed of it! :D

    1. superstar_128


      The longest time Ive nyanned for was 315 seconds xD

      after that it drove me crazy! xD Its so cute though :)

  12. No, I used

  13. OMG!!!~

    You have a Gaia Online Account?~

  14. I explained to my "friends" about Tamatalk. Then I showed them the Birthday stuff, (in the old Tamatalk) and there was a person that was turning 34 and playing with Tamagotchis. My "friends" said that that person doesn't have a life, and neither do I. Later on, I said "Screw You, you're not friends, you just pick on my every single day, because I'm playing with Tamas." and so when I get a yearbook this year, I am going to cross out their faces and put, "Screw You" on it. Sorry if I'm getting to personal, but that just gets me mad.