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    Hi, my name is none of your business, unless I know you really well, or have you on twitter or something (Killjoy knows my name, ask her!). I am a rather uninteresting boy who lives in a small town, plays the trumpet, and has a hamster named Breaker (long story) and a blue-and-red-crowntail betta fish named Ace.

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  1. A little red truck pulls up into your town.... Ok, so I absolutley LOVED the experience that MCT gave me. I played King Arthur in King Arthur's Quest Has anybody else played in an MCT production? p.s. If you haven't heard of it, google it. I'm not good at explaining things
  2. TEMPLE RUN. IS. E.V.E.R.Y.T.H.I.N.G I have unlocked all characters, and most objectives, I use Karma Lee the most,and my high score is 2, 595, 240. I've played 1218 games.
  3. What a silly question, you can't just NOT be a Beatles fan
  4. Loved them. Bought them. The set I bought even came with a mockingjay pin...which I'm super proud of and plan to wear it on the opening day of the movie
  5. I got: -The Scarlet Letter by Nathaniel Hawthorne -Virgil -The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn by Mark Twain All beautifully bound in vinyl with real gold leaf, and reprints of the first editions, and RARE. I was so thrilled, like...beyond belief. -A new (trenchcoat/peacoat style) jacket. -Clothes -An iHome -An Itunes card -Chocolates -DVDs (Namely, The Help, The Change up, and The Art of Getting By) -Aaaannnd 2 other books (Gendarme, and The book of Holiday Awesome) I was pretty happy with my presents all in all.
  6. I would just like to point out to my fellow canadians, this would effect us. Most of the (good) websites are U.S. based, without internet, the owners would not be able to update or keep their domain for very long. Alot of the internet would be lost. Yes there are Canadian sites, and European sites, but personally, my favourite websites are American (e.g. Google, facebook, youtube, twitter...)
  7. I don't have pictures, and trust me, my list doesn't include tamagotchis. So far, it consists of: A bowler hat A mad hatter-esque top hat A new coat (preferrably a pea coat) A new phone/ a new plan for my existing phone A gift card to coles/chapters And I do believe that is it...
  8. Coincidence I JUST bought the Limited edition box set (complete with digital and blu-ray copies, and a never-before-seen short film :D:D) It came in a snazzy chest with felt lining. Anyways, I think my favourite is probably the second, and my favourite character is Callisto, or the little cursed monkey
  9. My sister has officially turned into the person she said she'd never be....yay

  10. Garfield's fat cat 3 pack, volume 14 annnddd.... Fantastic beasts and where to find them (an offspin from the Harry Potter series) Don't get me wrong, I'm a very intellectual person, but I already have the harry potter series and I like yeah.
  11. A mildly rascist topic, but I think I'll post nonetheless I generally like European accents (German, Irish, British, etc.), and slavic accents (Ukrainian, Russian, etc.) And for future reference, Canadians do NOT have accents (I am one, we do not say "aboot", or "eh, all the time). yeah.
  12. I would LOVE if when I have kids they would be able to speak german/french/both. My mom and dad both have german and french heritage (not JUST that, but you know....mainly), and I know french and bits and pieces of German. So yeahh...
  13. Alright, so I recieved a comment on youtube where the person was flipping out on me for telling people to stop arguing about theology. Ouch, that hurts, please someone send me to the burn clinic!

    1. XBlackIrisX


      Youtubers are jerks! LOL