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  1. My sister has officially turned into the person she said she'd never be....yay

  2. Alright, so I recieved a comment on youtube where the person was flipping out on me for telling people to stop arguing about theology. Ouch, that hurts, please someone send me to the burn clinic!

    1. XBlackIrisX


      Youtubers are jerks! LOL

  3. We live in a really sick world...

    1. Peanut05
    2. The Butler

      The Butler

      ...Why do you comment on all my statuses XD


      Haha, anyways, just watch the news. There's kids killing their parents/other kids. There's murder and drug use and war and terrible, evil people. Like...yes There are good things, but still....

  4. It befuddles me that tamagotchi's are actually still around...

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    2. The Butler

      The Butler

      because I remember when the v2 came out, and I got one and it was like...the awesomest thing anyone could have, lol, you could see gangsters walking down the street and they'd be like "whoa man, mah tamagotchi needs ta be fed!", seriously. And now their just old news.

    3. xXMysticXx


      I would like to like this 1000x It is so true, I remember the fricked first one and like everyone had to have one... like it was a recess thing and kids would hide them in their desks now I don't know a single child who has one


    4. The Butler

      The Butler

      OMG YES!!!! and remember when most schools banned them? They became so much fun just because they were prohibited.

  5. I think it's time for my bedroom to be cleaned...

    1. Peanut05
    2. wameed98


      Yes I agree with the fact you have just written down with the keyboard on your computer. We may take this into government policy but we may not. o.o wait wtf did I just write

    3. The Butler
  6. Just got back from the new Winnie the Pooh movie :) It was so freaking adorable!!!

    1. lovelatchi!


      i LOVE winnie the pooh! =)


  7. I just realized....I would make an amzing Butler.

  8. I think I've decided that I'll be back for a veeerrryyyy long time. Well, not Very long, but you know, I'll check in more than a few times a month kinda thing...Yeeeaaaah

  9. I want it to snow...or to like...frost, or something. Fall needs to get it's butt in gear and happen already.

  10. Srsly. Lovin. Teh kittehs.

  11. I should change my pictures....

    1. Peanut05


      Maybe. I dunno.

  12. Yes! It totally is! I was disappointed with the ending though :/

  13. Ok so, I'm like totally in love with your background :D

  14. What should I name my new fish? hmmm....

    1. ApertureGotchi


      Name it... Peanut Butter! Or something like... Harold, Sebastian, or Johnny Depp.

    2. The Butler

      The Butler

      All very good names :) haha.

    3. Peanut05


      Dont do peanut butter cause that is too close to my name!

  15. I'm kind of currently in LOVE with Adam Young (Owl City)

  16. I'm kind of currently in LOVE with Adam Young (Owl City)

    1. sweetpea40998


      Aren't you a dude.....? Ick. But yesh, he iz purty kewl.... :P

  17. Im sorry, I just have to say this.

    I. Love. Your. Username.

    'nuff said.

  18. Well...not stalking me so much as viewing profile...Same dif...

  19. I love how I can see whose been stalking me :D

  20. Ho hum...It's been a while since last I was on tamatalk...Not much has changed...

  21. Hmm...I have the feeling that I need a new pet : / Contemplating rats

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    2. Lotia


      Get a bird!

    3. -EbilKitteh-


      Because they're really loving and they rely on you and you know how sweet it is to be a seleept then have a big adorable rat fall asleep next to your cheek? (I admit, I fell asleep while my rat was out.) Chico is the awesomest <3 Oh, but so are ferrets =3 ---It's not weird to want hedgehogs, even I do and there aren't hedgehogs in Tas!----

    4. B e t h y <3

      B e t h y <3

      I vote pet rock. Personally.