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  1. Happy Birthday! I hope it's today... or sometime close! I don't really have a great memory

  2. Thanks so much Tamaninjachat, this works.
  3. Oh no! Well, If I remember correctly, On my regular V5 when I got the Small family there a cure of switching them back.... I'll do some investigating right now.
  4. Hi, I currently have the model family which I do not want. I was working to get the Royal family on my v5.5 and when I got home, they were the model family. Is there a way to change them back to what they were? Sorry if there is already a topic like this...
  5. This summer hasn't been as fun as I've been wanting it to be!! At least I have good friends that I get to hang out with!

    1. Purimatchi!


      :3 sorry about NOT being on do you have a KIK?

    2. TamaGrip


      yup :) i'm pretty sure I messaged you.

  6. hey!! i havent talk to you in a long time!

    1. Show previous comments  2 more
    2. TamaGrip


      Purimatchi! Come back please!

    3. Purimatchi!


      SSorry bud I kinda fizzled out of TMGC. Since the New Animal Crossing Came out. I'll be back more. Promise.

    4. TamaGrip


      its ok :)we can kik

  7. Hmm Let me think about this... 1 V3 1 V4 5/6 V5's (one broke ) 4 V6 Music Stars 3 Tama-Go's 1 iD 2 iD L's 1 iDL 15th ann. That's all I can think of, I also don't think I'll be getting any more.
  8. Thanks for all the likes onmy post! :)

    1. Purimatchi!


      :D You're welcome.
  9. Both my iD L's have died... :(

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    2. CheesyNoodleTama
    3. Purimatchi!


      today my Tamagotchi LIFE App decided to die today too. I feel your pain

    4. Conando


      My Mametchi from Tamagotchi LIFE died over the weekend. It's not as bad for me when I was a kid but, it still doesn't totally sit right with me even though I know it's inevitable.

  10. Still running my iD L!

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    2. Savy~


      I have been running my 15th anni iDL since 2011 and im only on 21 gen

    3. Purimatchi!


      @Savy~ Unless you pause it a lot or haven't ran it consecutively your number's going to be low. mine usually as soon as mine gets it's 4th Happy Symbol I mate it. and mine hasn't died.

    4. TamaGrip


      Started to run my 15th Ann... ;P

  11. Hey TG!

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    2. TamaGrip
    3. Purimatchi!
    4. TamaGrip


      Oh, that's cool!

      I dont think I'm going to be getting one anytime soon...

  12. Happy(late) Birthday!

    1. Purimatchi!


      lol thanks at lerast you remebered 7 ;3

    2. tamagirl1017


      Yay!!! Lol kuchipa face! *3*