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  1. cute oshawott pic. :3

  2. than good CX

  3. i like it!!! im phineas and perb fanatics!

  4. You like Phineas and ferb.I too like Cx

  5. Hi C: Friend

    I really like your background.... :D

  6. Today my Nonopotchi grew at Androtchi and do not really love me that character :C But there is nothing else to do unless you disguise to mochatchi or spotchi or dreamitchi but me tamatown not work very well so stay well. He has 2 years his band is called Tama10 and the band are Mimitchi was once ichigotchi and gozarutchi was hinotamatchi C: Opss! I forgot to say his name is Snivy C: your cd is hip-hop C: Not if I let it grow at an old could be to grow to ojitchi or rexitchi :S ??
  7. You tamatown account and if you log in Mametchi 1 I am Kuromametchi C: BI1100

  8. I'll start giving gifts tamatown only people who tell me their ID and that is in tamatown will be waiting in the Mametchi 1 of (gotchitime) 8:30 to 17:00 on Wednesday until on Sunday P.S.: Will be waiting do not forget to get your gifts but they must leave their ID tamatown music star but only to people who leave their ID and the character that were connected in Mametchi 1 •••BI1100 •••C: Remember only the day Wednesday until the day Sunday
  9. BI1100!!! C: Tamatown Music Star

  10. oh hai did you make a new TT account? i did too XD