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  1. Fingers crossed you get it working, Gotchi. It might also be worth checking that the contacts and the insides of the casing are completely clean and making a proper connection, depending how this one is constructed. EDIT Oh, sorry. Turns out I've missed a whole extra page of posts where people have already suggested such methods.
  2. It is strange that they'd go to the effort of cloning/lifting the background from a genuine 2004 Tam and mimicking the back cover, and then not bother with the front of the unit. I think such fakers are hoping that buyers either won't notice, or will be won over by other convincing aspects of the packaging (assuming that this pet originally came in a vacuum pack). Variety is good, though. I have a Dinkie Dino and a couple of Gyaoppis in my collection just to mix things up a bit.
  3. Unfortunately I think you've taken a punt on a fake Tamagotchi here. The biggest indicator of this to me (besides the artwork of the two ducks at the top) is the fact that there's no cracked egg motif surrounding the screen. I'd still be interested to find out what pet it features if it does turn out to be a phony, though. I hope it didn't set you back too much.
  4. I turned thirty-one a few months back. Yikes! I was a huge fan of the P1 and P2 back when the P2 launched, though I was months behind everyone at school because you couldn't get hold of a genuine Bandai Tamagotchi for ages after they came out. I kept updating devices to the Digimon V1 and 2 and the Digivices until the Digimon D-Power Digivice ( By that time I was bored of the move past the traditional Tamagotchi (I still have my Angelgotchi, but the Ocean Tamagotch or the Morino never saw the light of day here in the UK), but I kept dipping in and out of my existing collection over the following years, until the V1 was launched in 2004. I liked the V1/V2 well enough, and I stuck with the series (skipping the V5.5 and onto the V6 because I couldn't see the point of it) until the Tama-Go and the IDL. After a hiatus of about four years, I've currently got one of my V3s up and running, and I'm enjoying it now much more that I did back in the day. I was beginning to feel a bit burnt out with all the updates by the time the V3 was current. It's the nostalgia factor that keeps drawing me back, much in the same way that I still have my NES hooked up to my television. I'm reluctant to upgrade to a Tamagotchi Friends, because quite frankly I think they're hideous (though I'm still toying with the idea). The IDL was/is neat, but anything around that size is simply too big to carry around in an average pocket in my opinion. Don't even get me started on the Tama-Go...
  5. Though I've never run any of my V5's, I do know that clock tampering stalls the growth process with the V3 and the V6. I reckon it could be the same deal with the V5.
  6. I believe one of my old Digimon V1's also has a receipt still in its case. Yes, I did pay cash. I bought it from the Argos in Barnley, South Yorkshire in 2008 (December, I seem to recall), and I believe it cost £9.98 (without actually going upstairs and checking it.) I had a choice of colours when I went to pick it up, and that was my favourite of the limited selection available. Those cases are a great idea, especially for Tamas with designs printed on the shells like yours. My original P1 had the clock face design almost completely rubbed off it before I lost it somewhere in the house. ~~~ Anyhoo, back on topic: it's good to see so much interest in this hatch. It's obvious that such a milestone is meaningful to plenty of us.
  7. A few nice additions for me this week. My Doraemontchi and my blue iDL Plus arrived, as did my two Gyaoppis and my complete set of twelve Tamatown Gotchi figurines.
  8. Seeing as everyone else is posting pictures, here's the one I'll be using: I've used it many times in the past, but it's not my favourite P2. I still have the receipt in the box from the day I purchased it. graficks: Does your P1/P2-sized case allow you to press the buttons whilst enclosed, or does it need popping open?
  9. Wheee! My complete set of Tamatown Gotchi figurines has just arrived!

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    2. graficks


      That's great news! I actually was able to pick up my complete set from a local party store (of all places) for a measly $1 per figure. The universe was on the lookout for me that day!

    3. Stu_Dee_Jay


      I'll say! That was a great find. I managed to get the full set for £25. The shipping cost an extra £20, but I don't mind too much; there's no other way besides the internet for a UK Tamagotchi fan to get hold of any of the additional figurines. Surely a missed opportunity on Bandai's part.

    4. Ribonitchi


      wow thats lucky i got the first wave i want to get the second but i dont have the money now

  10. I have the strangest feeling that we have identical P2s! My first P2 (and my first official Tama, for that matter) was/is a transparent yellow P2. I'm totally up for this (though I won't get one of the decent characters because I'll miss discipline calls at work. Hey ho! Small price to pay.) If OST is using her clear yellow P2, I believe I'll use my solid green with yellow border P2 and join in the celebrations. Also: keep up the excellent artwork, graficks!
  11. Hi! Thanks for the friend add!

  12. Thanks for your input, TamaMum! I haven't been religiously checking my Tama's hearts during calls for attention with my Tama-Go, so I've set my stall out to do so and report any findings when I get time to do so.
  13. I've been reading some older posts on this subject, but they seemed to be rather inconclusive: When attempting to praise/discipline your Tamagotchi as it calls for you (with an exclamation point over its head), is there any way to discern whether it should receive a 'Timeout' or a 'Praise'? I'm having a bit of difficulty with this, as it seems pretty random. Granted: I don't really have time to investigate the matter when it occurs, so any observations would be much appreciated.
  14. There aren't any specific requirements, the baby will simply appear in egg form one morning a day or so after marriage (I forget how many days exactly; it's either one or two). Just try not to pause your Go if you can, it can disrupt the passage of time as I'm sure you know. Once the baby is born, the parents will hang around for a couple more days (you only fully interact with your original adult character) before they leave overnight, and then you've got the next generation baby on your hands the following morning. Hope this helps!
  15. It took me a little while to warm to it, but I have grown to enjoy the simplicity of the Tama-Go. It's refreshingly undemanding, especially once your character is potty trained, and the growth process moves along at a pleasing rate. It's just a pity that it's too big to carry around in a jeans pocket. I do like to perch it on my desk when I'm at home, though.