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  1. i love miss perfect my friends all say i talk like her! call me tamagirl

    1. Purimatchi!


      Umm I made a new account ... it's this one now.

  2. on my v4.5 i have a purimatchi

  3. i have to say its the Silver V3 (fisrt wave) that one is a color i really want! and the V3 with asian writing its black and red
  4. my favorite feature is probably the choice of Different instuments! (although there should be a littel more)
  5. i'm the winner Because Purimatchi is Awesome!
  6. ya i think that they should have it to wher e you can edit your room and nobody can come in and your avatar person should be like off of the screen ... if you know what i mean
  7. i have a request ... can you use Purimatchi in the faceplate please ... Thanks!
  8. Pokemon, Star Wars (not as much),Tamagotchi's Tae Kwon-Do, Sonic the hedgehog, Mario, Animal Crossing, any good racing game or Fighting game like Tekken i LVOE Tekken and Dead or Alive is an awesome game too!!!
  9. well you should've probably PM'ed somebody before Blurting it out to everyone but ... why would DL have a reason to send you "Hate Mail"? if you are annoying them don't expect them to be all nice to you ... but you should just leave them alone and if they keep bothering you i'll get them to stop i PROMISE! What's your Tamatown ID? (i'll help you) Mine is in my Signature!
  10. No i don't Belive anyone Knows for sure Princess Tamina ... but i belive it is uploads they don't tend to be quick and easy and since they haven't updated in forever they are probably doing a massive face lift on certain things not like the look of the entrance but maybe the looks of other things ... i dunnno for sure but i dunno what to tell you right now just bare with BanDai and TamaTown Should be back up soon!
  11. They Are My babies how can I not LOVE them? i have around 33 tamagotchi's and i'm never gonna sell 'em! how could you sell ur child, HMMM? they aren't just a toy to me they are a part of my life!!!