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  1. Ahhhh XD well Thanks for clarifying hahaa
  2. Is anyone elses Tama Meets really quiet? I seriously can barely hear it...

  3. So I have that set... The one that came with the microphone, the Tamagotchi, and the Cd game thing? Where you could tell your tama to open files and whatnot- If anyone wants it I can copy it and send the files?...(Not trying to break copright laws here- just trying to share something thats hard to find nowa days.) Lemme know if you want it. And I'll send it. ^__^ (Just the CD Files- not the entire set! JUST TO CLARIFY!) Remember it works on OLDER Computers...not new ones- (Which is sad...but hey..) Maybe someone can make a patch that makes it work on todays compus?
  4. Does anyone know if Mr.Blinky is gonna translate the tamagotchi meets tama and App into English?


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    2. Ittermat


      Makes sense- though it sucks that Bandai JApan doesnt want us in America to have something we love in english XD


    3. OneSummerDream


      Mr. Blinky said he was having trouble with the Mix and Meet's new IR signals, as they're different than the previous ones (hence why neither are backwards compatible). If the "code" is ever cracked, then we can expect a translation. In the meantime, all we have are fan guides.

    4. Ittermat


      And Google translate if you hold your phone ever the screen on camera mode... but thats spotty at best lol!


  5. Are you talking about the one that came with that set? had the microphone and the tama that went into the microphone? mousepad etc? If so I have that cd.... I could copy it for people..? (Or find a way to give people the files?