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  1. If I could, I would love to dress up in costumes used from period films. Really geeky, right? I just would love to wear fancy gowns and beautiful dresses that show off my curves. Alas, there are none NEARLY as fancy as I'd like them to be, but I will provide links to show case what would be my dream Halloween costume c: [x] [x] [x] Those are from The Other Boleyn Girl which had a poor plot but AMAZING costumes. Dream dresses.<3
  2. Me being me, I am a HUGE history nerd. I read books that date from Plantagenet England up until the Victorians. Just wanted to know if anyone else was into historical novels (or period films, those are amazing) like myself.
  3. I haven't played that in forever! Absolutely love that game <3 I had some really fun memories. I'd come home from school, wait for Grams to get home, race and then my friend Ethan would connect and we'd race Rainbow Road until we died. There's also that one Highway Track or something, and we kept running each other off the bridge in that one. As a racing game, no, it probably does suck, but it's a wonderful game to play with friends c:
  4. Definitely just got back into the GameCube games again, playing them on my Wii. This consists of: Zelda: The WindWaker Sonic Heroes Urbz, Sims in the City Such a loser, I know (:
  5. I'm actually about to start Ocarina of Time, because my childhood was deprived of such video games, and I grew up with my xbox.