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    Tamagotchi iD L, Tama-Go, Connection V5.5, Connection V1-4, Music Star
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    Mametchi or Kuromametchi! My favourites when i first started were Mimitchi and Kutchipatchi <3
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    Black & Green Tama-Go <3
  1. hiya! im melody but my friends call me mel!

  2. So would you suggest to get an old nokia phone? Are there any snazzy modern phones that have infrared connection? Thanks for all of the info too!
  3. Mine doesn't have that :\ Do you know if using a Belkin USB Infrared Smartbeam will work for a Macbook Pro? I know it works for Windows XP/Vista PC
  4. I have seen everyone with the downloads on youtube and I have no idea how to get them! Can someone explain how to get the downloads and how to import them onto the tamagotchi iD-L. A reply would be extremely helpful and much regarded! Thanks!
  5. I feel that your gender doesn't matter! I am a boy and I LOVE Tamagotchis! I just received my Tamagotchi iD L In the mail! I love it to bits! Also at my school, being different is considered cool! However i live in Australia that may be different to where you come from!
  6. Do you know if the new Tama-Go wave is different than the last one? The Mametchi figure on the Black Tama-Go looks different to the one on the green Tama-Go... Also what are the functions of the new Tama-Go Gotchi Figures, Kuromametchi, Sebreitchi, Makiko etc... Thanks!
  7. furbitchi, Do you have any of the gotchi figures? i cant seem to find them anywhere please reply
  8. lol

    nice avatar.. XD


  9. YES YES YES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I GOT MINE!!!!! they are at woolworths, yes the fresh food people... they up on a shelf its the best tama ever invented!
  10. Okay i emailed woolies And they said they had them on shelfs!!!!! I am going tomorrow to see!!!!